Wrestling strength and time adjustment

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Using a stopwatch is a very effective tool for wrestling training. You can start training in 30 seconds and do 3 rounds per round.

example. Sled push, chinups, hangcleans,

Perform as much force as possible for 30 seconds, then repeat 3 times. This is a very basic starting point. You should also calculate your number of repetitions so that you have a goal that you must override each time and stay that level every time. If you work in a group, the highest number will also help drive others.

There, you can move up to 45 seconds in 3 weeks, 60 seconds each time, and 3 weeks. I also like to use the stopwatch on Airdynes, which you can use before and after each round for a total of 3 rounds.

example. Airdynes, Group 1, above Airdyne, Group 2 wrestling fingertips, TRX row, and Bosu, Airdyne explosive push-ups. Complete with abs

You should let someone else not get the stopwatch, so you can take the whole time out and keep it accurate so that you…

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