Will you be a smart leader?

After more than 40 years of participation, almost all aspects of leadership, especially planning, from identification, qualification, training, development and consulting, to more than 1,000 actual and / or potential leaders, to personal services, positions, for each Kinds of groups, I have strictly believed, rarely, really want, become from

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 Leaders, because they either don't fully understand the necessities, or they don't want to promise, they have to make better quality differences! With this in mind, this article will give a brief introduction. Try to use the mnemonic method to consider, review and discuss what it means and why it is worth pursuing.

1. from

system; sustainable development; solution; service; Advantage; Strong: from

 The main goal/goal should be to make his team stronger and more meaningful! He must objectively understand the strengths and weaknesses of his organization, and recognize and conceive, create, develop and implement the highest quality systems, focusing on quality, sustainable solutions and real service, serving his voters' needs and views. And the best interests of the organization.

2. from

to mark; Mention meaningful; excitation: from

 Measuring the value of the leader, whether he has made his own mark in a positive way, leading his team forward in a relevant, sustainable way! To achieve this goal, he must thank them, with their help, to mention their contributions, and to actively motivate many people, to be more involved/committed, and, perhaps, to seek future leadership roles and positions! When a person does this, his service becomes more meaningful!

attitude; Qualification note; set forth: from

 It is clear that this information is usually directly related to quality and whether he has a real, competent and positive attitude. When combined with well-developed skills and competencies, it continues to focus on the most important things and expresses inspiring, inspiring messages!

4. from

related; realistic; reason: from

 Smart leaders provide relevant, realistic leadership, meaningful leadership planning, strategy and action plans! They examine their personal ethics in an introspective and objective way and express them clearly!

5. from

timely; trend; True/true: from

 One of the challenges of effective leadership is to stay true, even though it may not be the easiest way! A true leader that consistently identifies the most relevant trends and uses them to deliver thoughtful, timely action!

If you are unwilling or able to move on and seek to be a better leader, then you will never be the carrier of change, you must act as a real action, from

clever from

 leadership! Are you ready, willing and able to do this task?

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