Why Use Softball Tarps and Spot Covers

When you see a sports or an athletic field, you never really think that maintaining a field is such a hard job. But it is actually a very tough job to keep the fields in tip top condition so that the playing scene is perfect. It is actually a harder job for managers in places where the rains are abundant. After a heavy spate of rain, the fields actually become a slush of mud. This is what every player dreads. But thanks to the Spot Covers, it has now become easy to maintain the condition of the fields.

In case of heavy rains or even heat, these covers can be an excellent way to prevent your field being destroyed by the vagaries of nature. Rain can have a specially debilitating effect on the fields. Even the harsh rays of the sun can make the fields parched and unplayable. This is why you need to have the heavy duty tarps or Infield tarps to prevent your fields from being destroyed by rain, snow or heat. A field that has been under water from the rains can be a great headache because they can take days together to dry and what’s more, you will also need special equipment to dry out the field. Thus, it is advisable to invest in a good quality tarp to prevent anything like this.

There are many types of tarps available for your fields now and the prices for most of them depend on the size of the field you want to cover. A good tarp will protect the field from UV rays, dust, storm, rain and even snow.

For softball fields, there are special Softball Tarps which are custom made to suit the needs of the softball fields. The benefits of buying tailor made tarps are that you won’t have to worry about the tarps flying away in case there are heavy winds. They come with chain linings which will make the ends of the tarps heavy and thus, they will be stable even in case of heavy winds. Buying a lower quality tarp will not serve the purpose and might also fly away in the winds.

The tarps have different forms and one of them is the mesh types. The mesh types are suitable for use in places where there is no danger of rain. In case there is rain, you can’t use the mesh types because the rain water will seep into and cause much damage to the field.

There are different weights of the tarps available too. The ones which are heavy duty will be made entirely for the baseball fields, but if you want to have a lighter weight tarp, you can buy the ones which are made by polythene.

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