Why Skateboarding Is Such a Great Sport

The sport of skateboarding is becoming more and more popular all over the world. Children, teens, and young adults alike are all becoming astonished with the sport. Skateboarding parks are being built in many cities and towns around the world and kids are trading traditional sports like baseball or soccer for time spent enjoying the extreme activity of skateboarding.

Most people have a picture in their minds of the kinds of people that enjoy skateboarding, and their pictures are not always pleasant. Skateboarding is usually reserved for teens and young adults that haven’t quite connected with other people or activities and who are looking for a place of identity.

For the die hard skateboarding dude this may be true, but this is the same for what people love about all other types of sports like baseball and hockey. If you are a die hard skateboarder you are more than likely going to be labeled as a skateboarder, in some cases maybe even a rebel sport, which is not always true there are much worse things that kids could be doing with their time.

Skateboarding, like many other sports and activities, has their benefits. For starters, skateboarding gets people off the couch and outside being active. We all know that inactivity is one of the most dangerous lifestyles to adopt.

I’d suggest that a teen or young adult who spends hour after hour doing hobbies that are inactive is actually in more danger than a teen or young adult doing an extreme activity like skateboarding. Children who start skateboarding at a young age learn to love physical activity and will often enjoy the health benefits of that activity for years to come.

Another great benefit from skateboarding for kids, is making friends. No one wants to skateboard, or learn how to skateboard by themselves. Having a friend there with you to learn with and skate with makes it a whole funner sport altogether.

Skateboarding is not the cheapest sport for a kid to take part in, but by far it is not the most expensive either. You can find a fully assembled deck for under a hundred bucks, knee pads, elbow pads and a helmet for around 20 dollars, and shoes from about 30 dollars. There are lots of free skate parks that are out there world wide also.

Skateboarding is not that bad as you can see, and has become a sport just like baseball and football. You have seen the many great benefits that it offers, especially for the children and young teens.

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