Why Quit A High-Paying Care-Free Job Where Everyone Likes You

You're probably very use to my nuts-n-bolts R.E.I. messages and marketing. All that good stuff about motivated buyers and sellers. If that's what you're looking for, this message will disappoint you.

You see, this is something else, something personal. What I'm about to share with you is one of the biggest and most personal decision I've made in my life. It may change what you think of me.

(You won't be alone, lots of my family and friend now think I'm nuts because of it. Everybody knows you never put all your eggs in one basket).

But I don't regret my decision. Not for a second. And it's been one of the break-thru decisions of my life.

WHY am I willing to take this risk sharing my story with you? Because I believe it may just be exactly what YOU need to hear.

If you are you in a rut and not moving forward in life as fast as you want... If you feel like every year you set new goals for yourself as an investor and every year you look back and nothing's changed... If your life just becoming a broken record and it seems like you'll never stop struggling day by day...

Then this message is going to set YOU free! Really. You see, this ONE LINE I read in a book changed my life , and I believe it'll change yours too.

First, we need to flash back to the winter of 2006. Charlene and I had just celebrated our first anniversary together and I was still getting into the groove of paying the mortgage on our first home. Not to mention all paying all the other monthly bills, including the pet bills for our adopted retired racing greyhound, Starbuck.

I held a director level position for a subsidiary of a Fortune 500 company (sorry for the vagueness here, just want to protect confidentiality). Now this is where you're probably expecting me to say how the job was really stressful or my boss was really unfair. This couldn't be further than the truth.

My boss? He was better than terrific. Literally, if he checked in on me or asked me to do something just once a month that was a lot. My co-workers? Great! Not only did they work longer and harder than I ever asked, they even brought fresh baked cakes into the office all the time to brighten the mood. My schedule? Perfect! I came and went as I pleased. Never worked weekends. And worked from home every single Friday.

My pay? More than fair. And it included the full suite of benefits and over 20 days paid off plus holidays. They even gave me a day off for my birthday.

Now if you're still working a full-time job you can't stand, don't get mad at me. I'm not about to start a sermon but I know this job was a blessing. And if you get mad at me for giving it up, or you'll miss the whole point.

So there I was. This ridiculously ideal job where everybody loved the work I did and I had fantastic job security, or as good as you can get when you're not your own boss.

Oh, almost forgot, this is where it gets even better. Because my schedule was so flexible it afforded me an enormous amount of time to devote to developing my own personal business.

Staying in this position would've been a piece of cake. I could've easily kept paying my bills and moving up the ranks. All while slowly developing my own personal business with zero risk since I could count on a steady paycheck every week.

This was easy street. The obvious and logical path to take. Work for my company, develop my own business, play it safe and diversify where I invested my time. No risk and total security.

And that's when it happened. I read a SINGLE LINE in a book that changed my life. It was a quote from wealth tycoon and American hero Andrew Carnegie. (I believe it originated from Mark Twain, though in a different context).

He was talking about why the poor and the middle-class never seem to reach a higher level of wealth. You see they all believe the 'golden rule', if I may, of finances is 'you never put all your eggs in one basket.'

And it's true. IF you are already wealthy. Otherwise, this is a terrible piece of advice. And that's when he said it, when it comes to building wealth, 'Put all your eggs into one basket and watch it closely.' That one line hit me like a hammer.

There I was doing a good job for my company, devoting half of my time, energy and passion toward being the best director I could be. And the other half of the time I was spending building a business I had begun over 7 years ago.

My eggs were split in half. Could I have kept doing this and would everything have been just fine? Sure. But I never would've achieved the life I wanted for me or my family.

With half my time, I'd never be as successful as I could be as a business director. And spending only half my time, my business would never grow as fast and large as I always knew it could.

That was the fork in the road. Keep doing fine and getting by or take the risk and believe I could achieve the dream.

I chose the later. And if I could go back and do it all again, would I? No.

I would go back and make that decision even earlier in my life. You, right now, consider where you are as a real estate investor. Maybe you're just trying to start out and can't seem to get your feet in the water.

Maybe you've been investing for years and doing 'okay', but you just can't seem to reach the level of wealth you dream about... Or maybe real estate investing is just 1 of a handful of investing strategies you are dabbling with all at once...

My gut tells me if you're reading this email, you haven't already reached the level of wealth tycoon and you're still in the process of trying to build your wealth. So are you spreading your eggs in a bunch of different baskets or are you putting them in one basket and watching it closely?

By no means am I saying when you go into work tomorrow you should head straight for your boss and tell him to 'shove it'. Not at all. The decision I made, while incredibly exciting and liberating, was also terrifying. And it took me close to a year to plan it all out.

The point is this, if you really to become successful at real estate investing or anything else, then there comes a point where you have to decide. Are you willing to put all your eggs into your basket to make it work?

The reason 99% folks of folks never achieve their goals whether it be real estate investing or learning to play the guitar is because they hedge their bets. They spread out their eggs, a couple here, one or two there and another over there.

Your eggs are your most precious resources, your time and your money. And almost every endeavor you take on is destined to fail if you're only willing to put just a couple eggs in the basket.

Real estate investing is certainly no exception. So here's my challenge to you. If you're not satisfied with the level of success or wealth you've achieved as an investor, listen up.

Do you also dabble in other investments like stocks and bonds? Are you also trying to become great at something else like online poker? Is a good part of your passion also devoted to making sure you never miss an episode of 'House' or 'Lost'? Are you spreading your eggs in multiple different baskets?

I challenge you to think about these words from Andrew Carnegie and the seemingly crazy decision I made to leave a picture perfect job. You really want to achieve your dreams... You really want to live an extraordinary life... Then ask yourself this, 'Are you willing to put all your eggs in one basket?'

As a bi-line to the crazy life decision I made here, in case you didn't put two and two together. The result of putting all my eggs in one basket was the birthing of the R.E.I. Done-For-You Deals System. It had taken roughly 5 years to develop the technology behind the system one of my colleagues and I had successfully launched it in a completely different industry. Now it is the only automated multi-media deal generating system that gets you the most motivated buyers and motivated sellers with no work.

But my passion had always been for real estate investing and that's where I wanted to take it. And so I did. And I never could've done it if I had kept hedging my bets and spreading my eggs all over the place. Putting all my eggs in this basket is not only the reason we are able to stay on the absolute most cutting edge when it comes to delivering deals on autopilot, but it's also why I'm always so passionate every single chance I get to talk or write about it.

If you haven't seen all the system demo videos already, I encourage you to check them out and see why I was willing to put all my eggs in just this one basket.

Damian Lanfranchi has pioneered the R.E.I. Done-For-You Deals System, the only automated multi-media video marketing system that lets investors get deals with no work.

Every week, he educates 1,000's of investors with his revolutionary techniques.


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