Why are you becoming a leader?

Although, many people, whether elected, elected, and/or promoted to leadership positions, are few, true, forever, become, meaningful, relevant, effective, and true leaders! Part of the reason may be because of organization, payment, far, too little attention, identification, identification, training, development and support processes, necessity, doing everything possible, using, professionally creating, leading training programs to improve their leadership . Another important reason for the lack of true leadership is that it is unrealistic because of the motivations, reasons, etc. of some potential leaders, or that these people are either unwilling or not ready to objectively, introspect, check, whether they are suitable Person, service, as a from

leadership! from

With this in mind, this article will attempt to briefly review, discuss, and discuss some of the things that are done using the mnemonic method.

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Listen; learn; leadership: from

Through effective listening [far more than they speak] and committing in the most relevant way, constantly learning from each conversation and experience, how can they lead until/unless they start? Unless you/before you emphasize serving others, not any personal agenda, and/or political/self-interest, you will never be a leader!

2. from

Sympathy; energy: from

When a person listens, effectively, prioritizes, what he learns, and is willing to emphasize that when serving others and groups rather than himself, he can make real sympathy, needs and the necessary level! A great leader invigorates others and draws on his personal energy from the constant encouragement and motivation of others!

3. from

Attitude; attention; qualification; elaboration: from

Will you continue to move forward in a real, positive, workable, attitude, focused, and prioritized manner, rather than indulging in small things? Must be trained to improve, develop the skills, quality and qualifications required! To be motivated and motivated, true leaders must be prepared, willing, and able to express a message that drives others toward unity, not polarization!

4. from

In-depth study; found: from

Beyond the surface, and the path of least resistance, delve into the way to find the best way in a relevant, sustainable way!

5. from

Excellence; rich: from

All great leaders demand their highest level of personal excellence and emphasize that they enrich the people they serve and the organizations they represent!

6. from

Related; response; reality: from

Real leaders move forward in a relevant way to make their team better, more sensitive / more accountable! They will never shy away from reality, both practical and idealistic needs!

You have, what you need, it is real, meaningful, from

leadership? from

Why do you believe that you will be the best person, accepting tasks and responsibilities?


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