Who is stupid and nervous?

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Being shy and nervous is two paths that are usually associated with the personality of each stutterer. It is not something they are inherent in, nor is it a side effect that causes stuttering problems. But these attributes are caused by stutterers because of accidents in their lives. And because most people in the world treat stutterers in the same way – just like teasing toys – the events in each stutterer's life are more or less the same. This kind of behavior brings them not only to make them hesitant to approach others, but also to make them feel uncomfortable when communicating with others. This lack of communication sees them as a reserve that basically keeps their work.

Most people think that the tension associated with stutterers is itself part of the disease, but it is not. Tension and anxiety are just reflections of the way that stutterers feel when they speak. In a group's casual conversation, if a stutterer happens to stutter, the direct response of others will be slightly light, which in turn will embarrass the stutterer. The stutterer does not want such an event to occur, and is therefore aware of his subsequent remarks. So, in the next example, when he realized that he needed to say a word that he would necessarily stutter, he tried not to stutter to avoid the giggles of others. This inevitably made him more uneasy because the word made him more difficult to stutter. His mistake not only evokes the laughter of others, but also triggers a new round of teasing, which eventually leads him to feel unsafe about himself and make him more reticent.

Because of this, the stutterer tries to limit his conversation to a minimum and avoid communication with the outside world as much as possible. Sometimes these events may occur as early as in elementary school, which may make the stutterer a shy child and a very conservative adult. Many people have not noticed this kind of abstinence, while stutterers are called shy people. Since most stutterers have experienced this stage, most of them have become introverted individuals. Because most stutterers are introverted, tension and shyness have become hallmarks of stutterers.

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