Where Is The Cowboy Capital Of The World: Bandera Texas

You might find the cowboy way of life interesting. You can’t miss living in a dude ranch, wandering around rodeo grounds, window shop in western shops, and shaking your hips in dance halls of Bandera, Texas; The Cowboy Capital of The World. It is located 50 miles Northwest of San Antonio, Texas 16.

It is full of heritage that can be traced as far as its founding day. It has a historical significance. It is the site of the first battle between the combine forces of Apache and Comanche Indians against the Spanish conquistadores. There was even a popular legend about a flag being place in Bandera to mark the separation of territories between the two battling forces.

You can feel the cowboy atmosphere anywhere in the place. There are places of interest that can make you feel like a cowboy such as living in a dude ranch, dance to Western Music in Main Street and other interesting places that can enhance the cowboy spirit in you.

Begin your cowboy life in a dude ranch, the ideal place to live like a cowboy. There are plenty of things to do such as horseback riding, fishing, cookout, and many more. Riding skills is not that important. The rate is easy on the pocket with 3 meals a day and a western entertainment to delight you.

The lace is famous for rodeo. In fact, when you think about rodeo, Bandera is the name associated with it. Rodeo events are frequently held every Tuesday and Friday at Twin Elm Guest Ranch. Over at Cowboy Capital PRCA, professional rodeo events are held every month of May.

Your visit to the place is incomplete if you cannot enjoy their numerous honky tonks (local term for clubs). Do the line dance at Arkeys Blue Silver in their saw dust covered dance floor.

You will know when it is warm and summer in Bandera if you witness downtown Bandera converted in Cowboy in Main. A big event held every Saturday afternoon, during May. Witness horseback riding cowboys, storytelling, trick ropers, and country musician just to name a few.

It is an event sponsored by Frontier Time Museum Living History Project. To make your trip complete, visit Frontier Time Museum, which was founded in 1927. It houses different artifacts and articles to learn more about the place.

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