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Where are the junk in my web design?

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How much junk is there in your web design?

Garbage is always something you throw away and it won't miss. In fact, when you clean up your trash, you can see good things, especially for business websites.

I found a trendy piece of trash that is a popular image slider. It occupies the richest home real estate and does not provide any practical business value. In my research on quality content, the image slider is not displayed at all. It has aesthetic uses but no actual commercial use, but it does require high quality space. What is the function of the

image slider?

The image is usually rotated (up to 6 images can be slid). This is its full functionality. Maybe you think I'm too harsh because you can have beautiful pictures, but do the tests and you will know.

Test is to cover the slider with a book or black paper to hide it. Now look at the rest of the page and see if you can tell what the page is about. If you don't scroll down, you should provide a title or text to indicate what the page expects. Even product promotions and tricky sales copies are better than no information.

Well, now remove the paper from the image slider and cover the rest of the screen as much as possible. What does the slider tell you? Do you have clues from those rotating images that tell you anything about the site?

More spam

All titles of King Kong occupy the entire screen. Although the title is an essential part of your web page, it does not leave more space than a stationary letterhead.

Huge headlines with big images only say one thing – "Let's see how big and important my site is because I don't have much else to say."

If this King Kong title Repeated on every page, then it will make the problem more complicated. We all know that web design can make peanuts look like department stores – no one can be fooled.

Other people's junk

There are a large number of third-party advertisements with images or gadgets that can add fillers to the columns, but they are only diversification of what our website can offer to our market. The deal is that if these ads generate sales for a third party, then you will get a trivial return. Sounds good, but our site didn't attract most of our market to our own site, all of these rubbish so there is no income.

The value of third parties is that they have obtained a link back to their site and increased their link popularity. We get zilch.

Self-selling rubbish

Oh, now I have done it. I killed the marketing sacred cow. Everyone will tell you to advertise on your webpage. You are invited to shout out your advertisements loudly and frenziedly, and then you must ask to sell and promote these people to fill their shopping carts.

Well, maybe it's time to look at things in a different light, because we're working with websites, not newspapers or television.

Newspapers are daily or weekly, television is prime time every day. Our website may only be seen once, only for a short time. To get tourists back, we need more than just advertising and promotion activities. We can see our faces all day in advertisements and promotions, but how often do we meet a website that helps us by talking about our problems?

The real reason for self-promotional advertising on our own website is that negative marketing is because our market members have arrived. External advertisements or links have been purchased on our website and ads have completed their work. Now we no longer need market attention. If any, more ads will take them away.

We need to discuss their problems with our market and how we can solve them. Why don't we do it? Perhaps most internet marketers do not know what they are talking about.

Even good content can become junk

Our eyes are now open. We see that we need to push potential buyers to talk about the next step in the buying cycle. We talk about their pain and our solutions. They like it. It can help them, but they are only 5 minutes, so we ask to bookmark our website. Better yet, if they give us a name and email address, we will provide a free white paper to download. Cool, we can pull them back later.

All of these good marketing ideas have been given to our web designers, who quickly turned it into small texts and then played down the contrast. Our best marketing material has just become junk, because it is now difficult to read, so it is skipped.

People do not like to read at the best time, but it is difficult for them to give them an excuse to file it under the rubbish.

Web designers should process all other content on the page in order to first enhance the text content added to the customer. Instead, designers need a perfect image that can be maintained, so that eyeballs can experience balance and beauty even at the expense of people’s ability to read content.

Do you think of it when you read this article? Does it make you change your web design? Do you have a mind and heart filled with new ideas?

If this is the case, then this is the kind of webpage content you want to write and let your market move. When you first get rid of garbage, you can do this.

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