Wheatgrass – Chlorophyll and Detoxification

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First of all – let us make sure we understand what "detoxification" is. Detoxification removes toxic substances from the body.


We inhale oxygen by breathing. The blood in the capillaries is close to the lungs and absorbs oxygen, then moves along the one-way capillaries and delivers them to the cells. The cells give blood carbon dioxide [which is a by-product waste of cell activity] and bring it back to the lungs to breathe out.

This is detoxification – you do this with every breath you take.

Next – let's see how chlorophyll detoxifies your body:

How chlorophyll detoxifies:

Chlorophyll works in the digestive process by eliminating existing toxins [toxins from certain plants, animals and bacteria] and preventing the absorption of more toxins. How is this done:


Some chlorophyll is absorbed into the blood during digestion. One of its resting points in the body is the liver, which promotes liver cleansing and carcinogen neutralization by increasing the action of the second stage detoxification enzyme.

What is the second stage of detoxification? This is a process in which the liver uses one of two major enzyme pathways to convert toxic substances [such as anticancer drugs] into less toxic substances, making the body easier to excrete. In phase II detoxification, hepatocytes add a substance [such as cysteine, glycine or sulfur molecules] to a toxic chemical or drug, making it less harmful.

Certain decomposition products of chlorophyll complexes and chlorophyll have a neutralizing effect on mutagens [substances that alter cellular DNA in a manner that causes cancer].

Big bonus benefits:

Chlorophyll seems to prevent the absorption of dioxins:

What is dioxin? They are known carcinogens [drugs that cause cancer]. They are toxic petroleum-derived chemicals that are produced when a herbicide [a substance used to kill plants] or a plastic is burned. Dioxins cause skin diseases. In animal testing, dioxins can cause birth defects, miscarriages, mutations, and carcinogens.

Dioxins are persistent pollutants in many of the foods we eat. They are easily absorbed by the body and stored in fat. Studies have found that chlorophyll-rich foods increase dioxin excretion – dioxin excretion is not absorbed.


Serious risks of drinking fresh wheat grass juice:

Fresh wheatgrass juice is the most popular form of wheatgrass. Yes: there from

Yes Some serious shortcomings.

What is one of the most popular methods of detoxification chlorophyll? By making fresh wheat grass juice in the juicer.

But now, know this:

Wheat grass is full of clean chlorophyll!

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