What you need to know about exotic shorthairs

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In history, cats have always been one of humanity's most precious companions. They are called fun and love pets. This exotic shorthair cat is the most recent cat breed and is increasingly popular among cat owners everywhere. This variety originated in the United States in the early 1950s. The variety was officially recognized in the 1960s. It is a hybrid between the Persian cat breed and the American shorthair. Other crosses between Persian and Shorthair breeds such as British Shorthairs are also considered by some to be exotic shorthairs. Because it is a long-haired Persian tradition, there will be a quarter chance of breeding two foreign short-haired cats.

The variety has a unique appearance that distinguishes it from the predecessors of Persian and American Shorthair. Exotic cats have a huge, almost huge head. Its face is flat, with a full cheek and a pug-like nose. A strong chin and a wide, powerful jaw make the cat look more unique. It has wide ears and large round eyes. Eye color depends on coat color; blue eyes are common in blue-white varieties, green is the normal state of squirrel-coated specimens, and gold is the most common of the other varieties. Exotic shorthairs show similar colors in Persian varieties, although they have shorter and more upright hair. Their hair is slightly longer than the American and British shorthair breeds. They are medium-sized, muscular cats with wide chests and wide shoulders. The tail of this breed is short and thick. This cute and cute look makes The Exotic shorthair a favorite among fans and regular bosses.

As everyone knows, this breed is affectionate and loyal. This exotic shorthair is quickly associated with its owner. They are naturally curious and fun, although they tend to be less noisy than their Persian ancestors. This makes them a good quality kitten, perfect for people living in apartments. Cats are friendly to others and to other cats and even dogs. Their dense, fluffy hair may need to be combed once a week to help remove the messy hair and dirt, even though the breed is completely self-cleaning. Their American Shorthair heritage makes them excellent hunters and mice, especially when their owners offer snacks and other rewards.

Breeders are the only source of certified exotic shorthair kittens. Animal shelters may be adopted by adults. Adopting an adult is a short-lived process that usually takes a few minutes of paperwork and pays a standard fee. Getting a kitten from a breeder may take more time. Certification, pedigree and other paperwork may take a while to be processed. It is important to check if the breeder is testing cats for polycystic kidney disease. PKD is a common disease in Persian derived varieties. This disease can lead to kidney failure. It is highly recommended to test exotic shorthair cats for PKD. For adults from animal shelters, exotic short-haired cats range in price from around $100, while kittens from reputable breeders cost as much as $600. The annual maintenance cost of exotic shorthairs can reach $1,000. These include physical examinations, cat food and other miscellaneous expenses.

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