What trading psychology and feng shui have in common

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I know that a strange title and a more strange theme combination. Please wait patiently: I started trading in 2001. I learned a big thing in my trading process, which I call the unified theory of trading success. This is absolutely everything is connected.

Let me explain:

Traders and humans are accustomed to thinking in boxes, and we ignore the biggest and simple laws we have that affect the way we create [transactions] success. I am talking about how consciousness works.

It is universal law that consciousness permeates everything.

This law basically means that everything you see and experience in your trading world is first experienced through your consciousness, and then you realize that your mind has set up boxes like a filtering system. You can understand all the different experiences.

This is the problem: your mind has subconsciously dealt with most of its experiences.

The tendency to treat things as separate creates a prejudice against the world. It also allows you to take the wrong action, because your behavior is as real as the illusion of separation.

Box thinking prevents you from seeing the commonality between feng shui and trading.

Before you give the experience a value, do you think that consciousness has seen everything literally?

For example: You think that a good trading setup is worth your attention, just as you think of a beautiful beach as a motivation to develop better trading habits. However, you know that beaches are not your reality today because your office is dark, raining, or snowing outside. This is the reality you see.

Are you where I am going?

You can of course see photos of businessmen sitting by the sea or driving Ferrari. The idea behind these pictures, usually brokers, is to seduce you to trade with them not because they are the greatest brokers, but because your untrained mind is greedy. It now wants a Ferrari and beach lifestyle.

Is it almost too simple?

If you are an experienced trader or an experienced investor, you will know how these “small” desires deep in the emotional part of the brain affect your behavior.

Imagine how much your trading mind would relax each time you enter your trading room, and it will see a lovely table and a delightful piece of art. Your conscious trading mind thinks it only needs a good looking chart.

you are wrong:

Whenever your trading mind sees something beautiful, it provokes a factor that makes you want to perform better. The brain doesn't “see” the artwork, but sees something related to art: just like wealth, success or safety, it's the key driving force that drives us forward, even if we are going through a difficult process.

Remember: your brain won't think about it now and tomorrow. Your brain can now be seen all the time.

When you next enter your office, look around, but your mind is open. Be aware of the subliminal information your office sends to your trading brain. I think you will be surprised.

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