What Kind Of Equipment Does A Rugby Player Need?

For players who want to enjoy the game of rugby, there are certain pieces of equipment that are necessary. Beginners may not know the particulars, but they need to know what to look for when shopping for these accessories.

Probably the most important thing is to acquire the proper mouth guard. This rugged sport has a lot of physical contact, so a high quality mouth piece is an essential item.

Since the sport involves a whole lot of running, a premium pair of cleats is also important. These are known as “boots” by players of this game. The terrain also changes with each venue, so the proper kind of studs for the boots is important also. This means that metal ones may be perfect for one locale, while rubber ones would be more appropriate for another. The good news is that many brands and styles of rugby boots are now available both online and in sporting goods stores. The styles vary according to hard or soft toe, as well as how high the ankle is (high, medium or low) and these are each perfect for a specific type of pitch. A savvy salesman or coach is the best source of information for this option.

Players must also have the right type of shorts. They are designed with the punishing conditions of the game in mind, so durability and comfort are part of the overall package. It is extremely important to get the right colour as each team is different. Most clubs have a match kit available for players who can special order the set in the proper colours.

Probably the first thing that fans notice is the team’s shirts. This is probably the easiest thing to buy since clubs tend to obtain these for the whole squad, with subsequent purchase by players. There are some clubs that supply gear for training purposes.

Rugby socks are also a necessity for the sport. They are typically composed of a cotton material, but have also been known to be made of nylon and/or polyester. They are knee high in length with cushioning on the sole for increased comfort. Many teams have their own specific patterns or colour that will be included in the basic match kit for players. But any good equipment supplier will have a basic sock in stock.

Some addition items include extra protection that some players find useful such as arm guards and scrum pads. Of course a protective cup is advisable along with shoulder pads too. A few players favour mits to handle the ball better.

The most important thing is to purchase high quality equipment for this great sport.

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