What is the difference between PADI, SSI, SDI – Scuba Diving Association?

2019-05-20 Sports No comment

Senior Open Water Diver… PADI, SSI, CAMS, NAUI… Are you interested in getting a scuba diving certification, but would like to know all the acronyms of the Dive Association, organized and their courses Differences and similarities. Which one? Which one is the best? Is there a "best"? If you are, you can't blame you. Let me help you clarify the situation. Then you can start your new hobby and focus on the necessary: ​​scuba diving.

PADI is the world's largest leisure diving association. PADI divides its education into small courses that make it easy for anyone to start diving and accept one course after another, slowly increasing their abilities and experience. The PADI course is especially suitable for popular beach holiday destinations, as almost all courses can be completed in less than a week, leaving time for other vacation activities, or just to enjoy the sun and…

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