What is the best pre-workout supplement? How to navigate the market

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For outsiders, the world of nutritional supplements may be overwhelming at first glance. There are many options to choose from: powder, pills, capsules, gels, rubs, wraps, this list continues! Everyone is trying to sell everything to you! One of the most opposed supplementary categories is before exercise. People seem to be either completely used before exercise or totally against exercise. Some people think that if you "need" something that makes you mentally active, you will be "weak."

However, the thing about supplements is that they are just: supplements. They are designed to enhance and work with diet and training rather than being used alone. Take advantage of your body's existing energy system before exercise, optimize them, and then enhance them further. Think of it as fueling the fire.

Another thing to consider is the hormonal benefits of intense training. The stronger your exercise, the more your body releases testosterone and growth hormone. Intensive training before exercise, through improved hormone output and strong diet and training, can achieve more growth in the long run.

So what should you look for in the supplement before exercise?

In general, most pre-workouts are based on stimulants and have a combination of stimulants, performance enhancing compounds and nootropics. Lack of products tends to focus on one area rather than other areas.


For example, some products are 100% pure stimulants. This will include caffeine, rawscoline, geranium oil and more. You feel the energy of the stimulant and exercise more intensely. Studies have shown that caffeine can increase the workload.

Some products have very good performance enhancing ingredients: a full dose of beta alanine [3 + grams], and a large dose of citrulline malate, ideal for pumping and NO release [which increases GH levels after exercise] And the rate of lactic acid clearance means more endurance! These products are great, but sometimes lack the stimulating effect of the product.

Capture 22: Doping-based products can make you more focused and energetic… Pumps and performance-based products increase blood flow – stimulants are vasoconstrictors and therefore counteract the pump.

What does it mean? This means that the best product needs to be a combination of all categories of products. A strong stimulant is enough to get you ready to smash it at 5am. Moderate Performance Enhancement Products – Sufficient citrulline and beta alanine provide functional doses and significantly improve performance [as opposed to giant doses].

The final key is the nootropics – focus and mood-promoting ingredients that work synergistically with stimulants and provide striking myocardial connections. Compounds such as choline bitartrate and huperzine A. Choline tartrate is a source of acetylcholine, which means it increases the level of the neurotransmitter acetylcholine in the brain – increasing focus, memory, etc. Huperzine A is an acetylcholine inhibitor – it inhibits the breakdown of acetylcholine in the synapse. Therefore, the two components work synergistically with stimulants to provide a lasting and intense focus.

Always research, if you have any questions about the formulation of the product, please email the manufacturer – if they are unable to answer questions you should probably have purchased elsewhere!

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