What is speech therapy? a few things you don't know

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You may have heard of language therapy and may go to school with those who "go to the lecture." Your own child may have received language treatment at a school or private clinic, or you may have had a language therapy yourself. Still, you may not have a clear understanding of its full content.

When most people think of speech therapy, they immediately think of clarity. However, it does not only involve pronunciation. Language therapy can also help people overcome communication problems in areas such as language, voice, fluency and oral movement/swallowing. It allows a person to previously fail to express his needs or needs.

Joint therapy helps people learn how to pronounce and improve speech intelligibility. Arthroscopic treatment is very organized and follows a specific process. The first step involves hearing training or being able to hear the sound. The next step is to be able to speak the sound correctly, then the syllables, words, sentences and conversations.

Language therapy treats sexual language [something understood by one person], expressive language [content expressed or spoken by one person], or a combination of both. Accepted languages ​​may include skills such as indicating and identifying pictures. Expressive language activities include making requests and naming objects.

Speech therapy treats diseases associated with speech. Due to speech impairments, the sound may sound hoarse, harsh, rough, or there may be no sound at all. Speech impairments may be caused by the sound of speech, trauma or disease. Some of these diseases include vocal cord nodules, vocal cord polyps, vocal cord paralysis and laryngitis.

Fluency therapy can help people learn to speak more fluently and speak more easily. It is also known as stuttering therapy. Getting fluent language therapy helps one person become more confident when talking to others and speaking in public.

Oral exercise and swallowing therapy teach people to use and strengthen muscles in the mouth, which helps to produce and swallow food and drink. Disease and injury are part of the reason for the weakening of the muscles used for speech and swallowing.

The Language Pathologist [SLP] provides language therapy to its clients and patients, including adults and children. The overall goal of a person receiving speech therapy is to develop and/or restore language and communication skills to an optimal level. The length of treatment depends primarily on the severity of the communication disorder and the motivation of the client or patient.

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