What is exogenous ketone? How to get ketone supplements

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You can't deny it. Exogenous ketones are currently the most popular products on the market, especially those interested in ketosis and ketogenic diets. They usually come in a variety of forms and are very important for many different applications. For example, reducing ketosis symptoms, burning fat, improving physical performance or mental performance are some of the ways in which ketones are used.

What is an exogenous ketone supplement?

Ketone supplements are often referred to as exogenous ketones, which means they are manufactured externally in vitro. When carbohydrates are limited and you are in a ketotic state, it is the opposite of the ketones produced by your body. Typically, they are manufactured in the laboratory and then made in a supplemental form for ingestion. In the ketogenic diet, your body produces three ketones: acetoacetate, acetone and beta-hydroxybutyrate [BHB].

  • The ketone found in the exogenous ketone is BHB. That's because your body uses it very effectively.

  • They are known as energy fuels that form mitochondria in the body. They are an alternative source of glucose fuel.

  • Due to their weight and small molecular structure, they are simple compounds.

Why take an exogenous ketone supplement?

Sometimes it is unrealistic and ideal to eat supplements that are completely ketogenic. For many people, this is very difficult and limited. Some people feel less energy in the case of a complete ketogenic diet, so they use exogenous ketone supplements as a useful way to get ketosis in the meal. Suppose you are an athlete who wants to equip a show with carbohydrates, then you won't get the full benefit from ketosis because you won't fill it. Therefore, you need to exercise your carbohydrates, but you may want ketones to power your long hours of exercise. This is where the exogenous ketone supplement is beneficial.

Benefits of exogenous ketone supplements

Supplements are a huge help when the ketosis state changes and enters the fasting state. This is where they are usually very convenient. They will help you recover from ketosis at any time, rather than waiting a few days. They are made between meals to provide a fast ketone impact or to gain extra energy before exercise. Taking a ketone supplement or following a ketosis diet means a number of benefits in your life, including:

  • Improve cognitive ability

  • Fast weight loss and reduced hunger

  • High spiritual focus

  • Regulate blood sugar

  • Reduce inflammation

  • Reduce the risk of any disease

Ketone supplements are divided into 3 categories and are usually available for consumption:

  1. Ketone salt

  2. Ketoester

  3. Ketone oil

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