What is detoxification?

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Detoxification from

 Can be compared to let your body bathe inside. During detoxification, we stopped eating to prevent more toxins from entering the body and rest the digestive system. However, we drink a lot of liquids that help to remove all harmful toxins that enter our body over time.

These toxins are responsible for the body's illness; therefore, by removing them from the body, we can eliminate the risk of illness. If the body is already ill, then a good detox will help the body heal and recover.

Toxins enter our bodies from the food we eat, especially processed foods, meat, dairy products and even cooked foods that can be toxic. Toxins also enter the body through the environment, especially the air we breathe. Alcohol, cigarettes and drugs, including prescription drugs, are also very toxic.

Therefore, the first step in detoxification should always be to prevent toxins from entering our bodies. This, combined with the intake of large amounts of cleansing liquid, will bring miracles to the body. Then take it to the next level and you can do a detox program where the toxins that go deep into the body are removed from the body.

There are several different detox programs, but I prefer to make juice quickly, with only fruit and vegetable juices being consumed with plenty of water. Regardless of the type of detox program you choose, make sure you are taken care of by a health professional during this time because your body will change dramatically.

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