What is an electronic health record?

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An electronic health record, also known as an electronic medical record or a computerized patient record, is a collection of medical history of a patient over a period of time. These historical records are recorded digitally, including complete information related to patient health: demographics, past medical records, vital signs, medications, immunizations, progress reports, health issues, laboratory and radiology data.

EHR is better known as an electronic health record and can be shared by various medical institutions through the connection of the network and EHR software. This means that the patient's records at the New York City Hospital can be immediately forwarded to the Los Angeles clinic without having to worry about mailing the printed copies of the paper. The use of electronic health records is designed to make the job in the healthcare industry easier by making information more accessible and streamlined. Electronic health records also document other care-related activities such as quality management, evidence-based decision support, and results reporting. Electronic health records are designed to strengthen the connections between doctors, nurses and clinicians and their respective patients. This is because data can be accessed quickly and easily to help healthcare providers make reliable, more informed decisions about their patients so they can deliver better service.

EHR improves medical conditions in a number of ways. One is that electronic health records reduce the likelihood of medical errors because they contain all the information necessary to create more accurate and clearer reports. For example, EHR software includes functions such as Computerized Physician Order Entry [CPOE], which is a virtual list that doctors follow when prescribing medications to patients. This can reduce the risk of patient health and save a lot of money in the long run. In addition, electronic health records minimize the need for repetitive testing, effectively reducing delays that may affect patient care and medication.

There are several questions about the idea of ​​electronic health records. Its shortcomings include the extra cost of luxury and the fear of a drop in productivity for health care workers, as most doctors and nurses are reluctant to spend time learning new systems. A more pressing issue with electronic health records is the issue of privacy and security of patient records, particularly in sensitive cases such as psychotherapy sessions, and legal liability in the implementation of EHR software systems that may fail.

However, the use of electronic health records continues to be seen as a significant improvement in the national health care system. In the long run, it is thought to reduce overhead costs a lot, providing access to previously difficult-to-obtain data, which will help research and evidence-based medicine, and in the future may unite all medical institutions in one system for better Coordination and record keeping. From a larger perspective, the electronic health record is considered the answer to a long-term medical history and will ultimately benefit everyone in the healthcare field.

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