What is a quality leader and must be perceived?

Henry Ford is often considered to be staging, from

He can achieve whatever the human mind can perceive and conceive from

 . Although this is true, for all of us, this is more important, important and necessary for those who are leaders! A true, effective, high-quality leader must open his mind, focus, and pay attention to his attention. from

Perception Things because they have to, and should be! Who can be a leader if he does not/until he has resolved the needs and opinions he has served and stated? With this in mind, this article will try to use the mnemonic method to briefly consider, examine, review, and discuss some of these methods and representations, and why it is so important.

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priority; Concept planning; deal with: Great leaders move on with real priorities, and these priorities have meaning and value to the group and its stakeholders! They must spend time, effort, and effective listening, and learn from every conversation and experience in order to properly resolve these views. This should lead to the best leadership planning, as well as the overall process and system enhancements of a particular organization!

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sympathy; Focus: In leadership positions, very few people are prepared for the greatest degree of true compassion, willing and/or able to move on! Only when this is the essence of focus, any leader will focus on the most suitable place!

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related; Responsive / responsible reality: Unless he focuses on the relevant solutions and actions, he can't make real changes! If he does not act in a realistic way, how can he respond to real needs in a responsible manner?

4. from

clever; character; Creativity: We need leaders with high quality to seek creative solutions, not just the same – old, same – older! Does this make sense, is creative leadership and creativity useful?

5. from

rich: Every action, idea, and plan should focus on the best way to enrich your organization and component experience!

6. from

Thought imagination; Integrity: Nothing is important, except for our requirements, absolute integrity, from the service and the people who represent us! Choose people with high-quality imagination, perception and introduction ideas, seek change, and do better!

7. from

vision; opinion; value; value: Too little, continue the vision, focus on the best way to move on! Shouldn’t it be a leader that aligns his views with organizational values ​​and voters, and solves and delivers meaningful value?

8. from

excellence: Never meet, accept, enough, but demand, the greatest degree of real excellence!

Carefully consider and recognize potential leaders, which may be real, from

Perception Instead of focusing on any personal/political agenda and/or self-interest! Do you believe that you will complete the task?

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