What happened at the 2014 USA Gymnastics Championship?

As anticipated, officials announced that the 2014 USA Gymnastics Championship event will start from the 15th of July where it lasted for a total of 5 days attracting huge number of fans from all over the United States. The event was dedicated for acrobatics, rhythmic, trampoline and tumbling competitions.

Starting with great energy and enthusiasm, hundreds of athletes came across the U.S. and participated in the event where the top most former champions attracted the most of their fans to the event.

The presence of 7 defending champions brought an indefinite level of excitement to the events’ fans. Let us now quickly get into knowing what actually happened at the 2014 USA Gymnastics Championship and how it ended up with some of the most surprising results this year.

According to the official results announced by the USA Gymnastics Championship 2014, the results are as follows;

*Trampoline and Tumbling
*Jeffrey Gluckstein from Atlantic Highlands (men)
*Charlotte Drury from Laguna Niguel (women)
*Rhythmic gymnastics
*Jazzy Kerber from Highland Park and Rebecca Sereda from Staten Island
*acrobatic gymnastics
*Kiley Boynton and Ryan Ward, both from the Riverside (mixed pair)
*Ciera Wilson of Riverside and Kailey Maurer both from the Colton (women’s pair)
*Hannah Silverman from Clarksville, Christina Antoniades from Eldersburg and Emily Ruppert from Baltimore (women’s group)

*Trampoline and Tumbling Gymnastics

Trampoline and tumbling is one of the most favorite athletic games all around the world and when it comes to the United States we already know that there are a number of unrivaled athletes defending on behalf of the nation where many of the markets leading trampoline and bounce house also attended the event where a total of 819 athletes participated in the trampoline and tumbling category.

Jeffrey Gluckstein from the Elite Trampoline gym of Atlantic Highlands successfully accomplished the 1st Position in the senior trampoline and tumbling championship category where he remarkably took over the lead with a difference of 2195 points from Neil Gulati from World Elite trampoline gym resulting him to finish in the 2nd place.

*Rhythmic Gymnastics

A total of 221 gymnasts participated in the events under the category of rhythmic gymnastics where fans already anticipated that Rebecca Sereda will defend her title but for the first time in the history, Jazzy Kerber and Rebecca Sereda tied with each other.

*Acrobatic Gymnastics

Combining the art of dance with athletes, the category of acrobatic gymnastics comprised of a total of 623 gymnasts who arrived at the 2014 USA Gymnastics Championship across the country where Kiley Boynton, Ryan Ward, Christina Antoniades, Emily Ruppert, Hanna Silverman, Eirian Smith and Brain Kincher were some of the most prominent names.

While bringing the most of thrill and excitement to the event, if we look onto the group performances, Christina Antoniades, Emily Ruppert and Hannah Silverman fished in the 1st place where as under the category of paired performances, Kiley Boynton and Ryan Ward succeeded to achieve the 1st position with leaving the floor fully unrivaled.

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