What are the differences between the three main yoga groups?

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Hatha Yoga is a classical yoga style that fosters a sense of conscience, pays attention to alignment, understands breathing techniques, and explores the mind and body. This style of yoga is the most widely used form in the world. Hatha Yoga uses posture [style] and conscious breathing [Pranayama] in combination with spiritual focus to develop consciousness, strength and flexibility, relaxation and mindfulness.

The Hatha Yoga Mobility Course combines traditional Hatha Yoga with beautiful movements from one pose to the next, creating a sequencing process for meditation when breathing.

Today, the demand for yoga is unlikely to be greater. Sometimes in life we ​​need to take a step back and relax. In the practice of casual yoga, we learn the art of rest by supporting the body, so that you can keep your posture longer and let the body open through a series of passive stretches.

When we realize that we are resting, we notice the areas of tension that we are not aware of, so all the organ systems of the body benefit. Some measurable results of deep relaxation are lowering blood pressure, increasing "good cholesterol" levels, and improving digestion, fertility, elimination, muscle tension reduction, insomnia and general fatigue, and depression.

The restorative yoga class will be gentle and will be placed in separate positions for a long time with the support of numerous props to ensure your stability and comfort. A still body does not mean a quiet mind. The real yoga comes from the reflection of the mind, allowing you to cultivate your inner peace.

Prenatal yoga offers great benefits to women at every stage of pregnancy. In this magical period, many women can experience changes in body, emotion and psychology. On the physical side, yoga helps women build and maintain her strength, endurance and flexibility while helping to relieve discomfort such as low back pain, swelling and fatigue.

Because of changes in hormones, women also feel very emotional, and it is also common to have mood swings or feeling too sensitive. Practicing yoga helps balance the endocrine system, which allows the practitioner to feel their sense of well-being and relaxation.

On a spiritual level, students often feel anxious when considering childbirth and childbirth. The meditation aspect of yoga helps to calm the mind when the thoughts that produce anxiety appear.

By practicing yoga through pregnancy, women are also preparing for childbirth and childbirth. The power gained through the yoga pose will help her to endure the physical needs of labor. Yoga breathing awareness and breathing techniques can also be used as a coping mechanism during and between contractions.

Meditation exercises that integrate yoga can encourage women to stay on the scene. Being present allows her to work with her body, which can help with childbirth and reduce the possibility of long-term delivery.

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