We Log Dogs – Orvis National Adoption Event

We Log Dogs - Orvis National Adoption Event
Event on 2017-03-11 10:00:00
Dogs share our beds and couches and the fires that warm us, and they copilot the journeys we take. They are our best friends, the ones that give us unconditional love. They are family.

Looking for your newest family member? On March 11, 2017, as part of its We Love Dogs campaign, Orvis is teaming up with local pet shelters across the nation to host dog adoption events at most of its retail locations. Available shelter dogs, looking for forever homes, will be waiting with wagging tails to meet you at these stores in your area:

• Cherry Creek, Colorado – 303-355-4554

• Park Meadows, Colorado – 303-768-9600

Volunteers from local shelters will be on site to introduce their furry pals and give details on the adoption process.

*****Please check with the local store for exact time of event.******

Orvis is a national sponsor of the Petfinder Foundation. With the help of their generous customers, Orvis has raised and donated more than 0,000 in the past five years through its Customer Matching Grants to fund Foundation support to more than 12,000 shelters throughout the United States.

For more information on Orvis, please visit orvis.com or contact your local Orvis location.

at Orvis Retail Store
2770 E Second Avenue
Denver, United States



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