Watch A Cricket Game Live On Internet From The Cricket World Cup Event

Should you want to view the cricket matches live on the web along with your mates, here is some important background information concerning the ICC Cricket World Cup Tournament 2011 that you may impress them with.

The actual ICC Cricket World Cup 2011 is the 10th Cricket World Cup presented by the International Cricket Council (ICC). This event is being played out in Bangladesh, India and also Sri Lanka right from 17 February 2011 until 2 April 2011. There are actually a total of 14 cricket teams participating in the event, which is being played out as outlined by One Day International principles, and thus all games will be played out over fifty overs.

With each competition held, the ICC Cricket World Cup has expanded tremendously to become a media event. For the 2011 tournament, the ICC has sold the broadcasting rights to ESPN Star Sports in addition to Star Cricket for approximately US$ 2 Billion, and they will ensure that the competition would be transmitted all around the planet in about 220 countries.

The actual 2011 event was furthermore supposed to be co-hosted by Pakistan, but in the aftermath of the 2009 attack on the Sri Lanka national cricket team in Lahore, the ICC made a decision to strip Pakistan of its game hosting privileges. The head office of the organizing panel were initially located within Lahore inside Pakistan, yet have now been relocated away to Mumbai in India. Pakistan was supposed to hold fourteen games, including one semi-final match, however now eight of Pakistan's matches were granted to India, 4 were given to Sri Lanka and 2 were awarded to Bangladesh.

The 2011 World Cup Competition cricket teams are divided into 2 groups, namely A and B. Group A consists of: Australia, Canada, Kenya, New Zealand, Pakistan, Sri Lanka and Zimbabwe. Group A consists of: South Africa, Bangladesh, Netherlands, India, Ireland, the West Indies and England.

The initial round of the event will be a round-robin where the 14 squads are divided into 2 sets of 7 squads each. The 7 squads play one another once with the top rated 4 from each set getting qualification for the actual quarter-final games. This kind of format makes sure that each team actually gets to play not less than six matches even when they may be eliminated from the event on account of earlier defeats. Considering all the cricket games occurring for the duration of the tournament, you may wish to make sure that you don't miss any of the exciting games by watching the cricket games online.

If you're an avid cricket fan and you want to watch the world cup matches, then simply click here to discover how you, too, can easily watch any cricket match live online.
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