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This Article is about the tours of oxford city where we can cover all the tours sight and sightseeing in oxford at affordable cost. Some of our tours are oxford walking tours, Premium Private walking tour, oxford Historical sights, oxford scholars walk tours and many more tours are included…..

Oxford Walking Tours of Oxford University, Bodleian Library & City with Scholars Walk Tours
Oxford Walking Tours was established by three friends. Co-Founders of Oxford Walking Tours started tours in January 2012.
Presently, we have largest number of 75 professionally trained groups of Oxford Guides working for our tours.
Since 2012, we have been leading high quality tours. Our guides have work experience as Professional guides ranges from 30 years to 2 years. Some our guides are members of National Professional Body, University Alumni & Locals.
Many of our guides are Oxford Students and University Alumni. Due to our association with the University, our guides can take tourist far inside and behind the closed door where other tour operators have no access.
All our guides are passionate about their work, eager to give high quality tours because our tour is approved and assessed by University History Faculty Alumni. Our tour is carefully based on loads of research, many years of guiding experience and local knowledge of world famous University of Oxford and City of Oxford.
Scholars Walk Tour guides provide the best walking tour experience to hundreds of tourist and students every week.

Oxford Walking Tour is the only walking tour operator in Oxford, which that will take tourist inside the oldest, most beautiful colleges and School of Divinity built in 1488 (the first purpose built lecture room of Oxford University).

Why choose Scholars Walks Tours?

Scholars Walk Tours is committed to provide an unforgettable Oxford experience to everyone who joins our tour. We will show tourists all the famous sights, secret sights which are inside the oldest colleges, Oxford University buildings and share many interesting unknown stories of famous Oxford University graduates like Bill Clinton, Bob Hawke, J. R. R. Tolkien, C. S Lewis, Lewis Carroll, Oscar Wilde and many more. Inspector Morse and Harry Potter filming sights are also on our tours.
Our guides will describe the history, events, unknown traditions, famous ceremonies, institution and buildings of Oxford University & City in a interesting and enjoyable way. Many world leaders, events are part of the rich history of Oxford and our guides will deliver the tour in a way that your time and money is well spent. Our unshakeable commitment is to serve you with Oxford’s highest quality sights, historic information including some Bizarre traditions and some funny anecdotes to leave with unforgettable Oxford experience. So we are offering many oxford city tours like given below-

Museums in Oxford

Oxford has plentiful excellent museums. The collections of these museums have either donated by someone or obtained during research by University members. Most amazing thing of the some of the museums is that there is no admission fee whether you visit for five minutes or a full day. Donations are very beneficial for the growth of the in these institutions. There is no better place to hide than a warm museum if the weather moves to the south. Starting from traditional to contemporary art, Oxford museums suit all tastes that artifacts of natural history collected over three ages to musical instruments.

Ashmolean Museum

Ashmolean Museum is one of the world’s oldest museums started in 1683. This Oxford University museum has wide collection of art and archaeology over four millennia back. Museum was earlier located on Broad Street within the current Museum of History Of Science. As the collections increases, the museum moved to its current location on Beaumont Street in 1845. Initially museum coves the collection of Elias Ashmole but its recent range includes precious paintings, archaeological findings, silver and fine art. Café and Museum Shop are also located inside the museum.

Museum of Natural History

The Oxford University Museum of Natural History is located on Parks Road. This building displays scientific collection of natural specimens- zoological, entomological and geological which are accumulated in the course of the last three centuries. One of the best parts is that remains of the dodo at Oxford are one of the greatest treasures of the Museum. Visiting this museum is like learning something new about the incredible natural world around you.

Pitt River Museum

Pitt River Museum is one of the Oxford’s most famous attractions and is located behind the Museum of Natural History. Both museum share same entrance. This museum is famous for its anthropology and archaeology collection from many cultures around the world, past and present. Interesting objects including masks, magic, musical instruments and more, over three floors, are contained in glass display cabinets. Many cabinets underneath have drawers that can be opened to display more hidden material. Admission and events are all free.

Museum of History of Science

Museum of History of Science is located on Broad Street and is now referred as “Old Ashmolean” because it was the original site of Ashmolean Museum. This museum has unrivalled collection of mathematical, physical, astronomical and historic scientific instruments from various periods. Collection of large microscopes and astrolabes are also there. Entry is free to this building.

Museum of Oxford

Museum of Oxford is only the museum in this list which is not rum by Oxford University. It is managed by volunteers. This museum relates long history of Oxford. It is situated within Town Hall on St Aldate’s Road. On every Wednesday and Saturday at 11 am a one hour Town hall tour (£ 3 per person) is organized. This tour will take you to parts of the Town hall where most people would never get to see.

Oxford University Press Museum

Oxford University Press Museum is located on Great Clarendon Street and it is a small museum. This museum displays historic books, documents and printing equipment of the Oxford University Press. It is an international publishing house and is also a department of the University of Oxford. Half an hour tours are only provided if booked in advance.
Join interesting and enjoyable Premium Walking Tours of Oxford UNIVERSITY, Bodleian Library & City with Scholars Walk Tours.

Walk Tour guides provide the best walking tour experience to hundreds of tourist and students every week.
Walk tours is most prominent name in terms of providing Walking tour of Oxford. Recent studies also revealed that there is no other source available in the market like us. So that if you want to get familiar from Oxford history and historical sites, then you need to take a look on the services offered by our exceptionally famous tour company.
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