Volleyball Fundamentals – The Basics You Need To Know

At the end of the day, any game is about winning or losing. There truly is not much point if you do not feel the adrenalin rush in winning a game, how much ever inconsequential the game might be or if you do not feel the pang in losing a game. Yes, for most of us playing a sport is not a profession, that we play for fun and we are not in a cut-throat race but unless you care even a little bit about winning or losing then you are in a wrong place doing a wrong thing. Having said that, every sport has its rules and basics that one must be aware of before they start playing the sport. These basics won’t make the learner a professional but these will help him or her enjoy the game more.

Let’s look at some of the basic points for volleyball:

Overhand and underhand serves: Like most ball games, the first action in volleyball too is that of serving the ball; sending it over the net to the other side. There are two types of serves. In overhand serve, the ball is thrown into the air with one hand and then hit by another to hit it over the net to the other side. The underhand serve is the one where the ball is kept on the palm of the hand and then from underhand position it is hit over the net.

Receiving and passing: Once the ball is served, it is received and passed across in the court and across the net. Receiving and passing the ball correctly and strategically is the next most important thing in playing volleyball. The ball has to be hit by the forearm and passed overhead for it to stay in the game. Your trick will be in fooling the opponent in to believing on how far or near you would pass the ball. Don’t worry with practice you will learn all the tricks.

Spiking: One important term and strategy is in successfully spiking the ball. In spiking the ball, generally one player hits the ball so well that it crosses the net and nosedives within the court area giving the opponent absolutely no chance to recover the ball and keep it into play. To keep such a ball in the game requires great maneuvering capabilities from the players.

Let’s now look at some essential tips for playing the game of volley ball.

Footwork is important. You should be agile, anticipate the ball movements well and position yourself accordingly.

All players have defined area and you cannot move around the court. So staying within your area and playing accurately is often challenging.

Develop you reflexes; the faster your reflexes and movements, the better will be your performance.

Connect to the ball well. This will enhance landing, control the speed and achieve accurate serves.

Players are rotated within the court and you will get to contribute in many different ways in one game.

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