Voice device and its technical differences in stuttering treatment

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Stutterers can use two main types of speech devices for treatment.

One is a DAF voice device and the other is a DMAF voice device.

The technology of these two voice devices is very different, and each voice device is built into each voice device.

Stuttering treatment is very specific when it comes to speech therapy equipment.

Speech therapists use language devices to adjust their stuttering treatments and will find the two most commonly recommended types of voice output devices, DAF and DMAF.

The two technologies used by the two technologies vary widely, with the following differences:

First, a DAF device that represents delayed hearing feedback is the most well-known device for treating stuttering. The device can be purchased with Stutterer and taken home for everyday use.

The DAF device allows the stutterer to hear his or her own voice with a time delay, such as an echo. The DAF device tricks the brain into thinking that the stutterer is talking in unison with another person. It is well known that stutterers often do not stutter when singing or talking to another person. This is called the "chorus effect."

There are two main issues with this device that have been exposed.

First, it has been found that the brain cannot be deceived for a long time, so the effect [chorus effect] will disappear over time.

Second, the DAF device has a background noise problem with the headphones. This person can only use the device in a comparable environment. It is almost impossible to use the device outdoors or in a noisy room because the continuous background noise passes through the headphones worn by the person.

With all of these factors in mind, Stutter equipment using DAF technology is only a temporary fix for stuttering problems.

The second voice device, DMAF, represents digitally mixed auditory feedback, which uses 'Vocal Tone' as the primary technology. This can also be purchased and taken home for self-treatment.

The "Vocal Tone" produced by the opening and closing of the speaker "Vocal Folds" is detected as a beep, and we all have this sound when we speak.

This click is actually detected by sensors in the device and then mixed with the "real-time voice" of the person. The sound is then delivered to the earphones worn by the person.

This process is called DMAF. This person heard the actual buzz of 'Vocal Folds' parallel to each word spoken.

This effect reduces muscle tension in "vocal folds" and improves the coordination of people's voice muscles. This in turn automatically “restores” smooth, normal muscle function, while helping to replace bad stuttering habits with good, relaxed, and fluent language.

No long-term studies have been conducted on DMAF speech therapy devices using Vocal Tone as their primary technology. So far, the use that has been noticed with DMAF sound devices has been very positive. As more stutterers are introduced into such devices, it is hoped that it will prove to be a device for persistent, active, self-treatment of stutterers.

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