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Another popular food that is now popular is vegetarianism. Today, people can find a range of vegetable recipes that will not only make your taste buds attractive. But it will also inspire the imagination of those who think this is a dull meal.

Some recipe ideas might be:

Mediterranean dinner: from

 Roasted peppers and eggplant clams served with focaccia. Wild mushroom rice; couscous salad with grilled vegetables can of course be paired with some wines.

One such wine would be Pinot Grigio. Its hard skin flavor is mixed with vegetables.

Wholesome breakfast: from

 Potato fried tofu [with soy milk], mung beans and tofu or fried tofu. Alternatively, you can choose oatmeal pancakes with fresh fruit or breakfast burritos with vegetables, beans or tofu.

A relaxing lunch: from

 Panini sandwich Baked shell mushrooms, sliced ​​zucchini, roasted green peppers, dried tomatoes and pesto are stacked on bread.

Or have tapenade crositin Stewed fruit and cornbread or strawberry sorbet. This is the perfect combination of Chianti wines. Its earthy taste mixes with olives and sun-dried tomatoes and naturally cuts the recipe cream.

Each of these vegan recipes offers a unique shape that preserves the freshness and subtle flavor of the different ingredients.

Remember to use crispy acid white wines to prepare dishes such as grilled vegetables and cereals when pairing with wine.

For spicy flavors or spices, saffron, etc. choose medium-bodied red wine.

It is a good idea for vanilla dishes with a fairly over-regulated oregano mellow wine.

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