Vastu, indoor yoga

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Symbols connect us with ideas, concepts, people, objects, etc., as well as our sacred beliefs and their relationship to the universe. They were used in ancient times to relate to the unknown and unfathomable energy of the divine universe. Symbols contain their own powerful energy, just like guiding stars to elevate energy from the core to enlightenment.

Symbols are the notes of human thinking combined, and the music it produces provides us with the connection we seek together with the universe. The earliest language was developed from symbols. Symbols give you strength, positivity in life, can help express your desires and balance the energy in your space.

As we know, Vastu is an indoor yoga, and we can use symbols as a remedy to balance elements in a particular area. Symbols act as a medium to connect with the universe, create harmony in our environment, revitalize our homes, and synchronize with cosmic consciousness or energy.

The sun is an important force in life, and his symbol fits strength, strength and energy. The sun rises in the east, so this is his area, and the suspension of the brass sun in the east of your home adds political and social connections. The ancient Indian gate, which has been carefully carved with the sun symbol for centuries, retains such beautiful energy and is used as an office door indoors, which will form an excellent connection with the energy of the sun.

The lotus symbolizes the unaffected form and dignity of human beings at a higher level. Lotus activates the positive vibrations and energy in our daily lives, symbolizing the transcendence of the world. The wall sculptures of the linden and Kalpavriksha trees symbolize these energies and add a beautiful aura to your northeast corner, a spiritual area.

The center of the home is known as the center of the home. In the ancient Indian city of Havelis, there will be an open courtyard with sharp arches and columns on either side. This space should always be clean and open with minimal furniture.

The elephant is considered to be a sacred celestial animal, the most wonderful animal of all time, and its wisdom, strength, strength and strength are very adapted. In Hinduism, Ganesha's energy is the energy of an elephant. He is the ruler of the first chakra, which contains the energy of Kundalini. Ganesha's huge wall carvings are placed in red and orange colorful tones at the entrance to promise luck and good luck and if placed in the study area encourage children's career development.

By using the techniques given to us in the sacred text of Vastu Shastra, we can bring a good balance to our lives and strengthen our connection with the universe.

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