Vacationing in Clearwater

Clearwater Beach is a wonderful place to visit any time of the year. The sand in clear water is beautiful and white and the water is crystal clear. Clearwater is located on the west coast of Florida opposite of Miami. It is a city that vacationers flock to year after year to enjoy water sports, sunshine and fun.

Clearwater is a city that is very aware of their footprint on the environment and they are doing everything that they can to protect it. The city is absolutely beautiful. It features many parks where families can enjoy a picnic along the waterway. Many of these parks offer bird sanctuaries and nature trails as well.

Clearwater has been voted one of Florida's best beaches year after year in several surveys. People love Clearwater, because it is so gorgeous. Vacationers love the crystal clear water and the sand that is white as snow. It is a great place to relax on the beach and soak up some sun. Getting a tan is one of the favorite past times in Clearwater Beach.

Things to Do While Vacationing in Clearwater

* Dog Racing- Go watch the greyhound's race at Derby Lane. This is a great place to go for a little evening entertainment. They offer live wagers as well as internet wagers. Who know you may just make a little cash while you are there.

* Walk the Beach- Take some time to walk on the beach in Clearwater and enjoy the sunset. There is no better way to wrap up an evening than taking a walk down the beach with that special someone. After your walk, find a nice place to sit and people watch.

* Clearwater Aquarium- This is a great place to take the kids and see some of Florida's natural sea life. Many of the animals located at the Clearwater Aquarium are animals that have been rescued and are currently being rehabilitated. The aquarium offers daily dolphin shows as well.

* The Jolly Trolley- Take a ride on the Jolly Trolley and enjoy all the city has to offer. This is a great budget friendly way to tour the city. They charge $ 2.00 per person per trip. Seniors ride for $ 1.00 and children under 3 ride for free.

* Shop- Clearwater Beach Florida is a shoppers dream. With stores that carry men and women's clothing, unique gifts and collectibles. Make sure that you check out the Bay Bazaar Plaza and the Key West Express. Key west express offers a true beach shopping experience. They have resort and casual wear for men and women in their tropical boutique.

* Take a Pirate Cruise- Captain Memo's Pirate Cruise is a ton of fun for those young and old. Children can enjoy face painting and storytelling on the ship. Dolphin sightings also happen on a regular basis.

As you can see there is a ton to do in Clearwater Beach Florida. While it doesn't have the party atmosphere of Miami, it is a great place to vacation with your family.

Article by Dan Carson, Specializing in Miami Beach Real Estate for sale  & Miami Beach Condos in Florida.
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