Unlimited Leadership: Scott Stein's Leadership Hacker – Book Review

This book is at the right time. Me and my Leader's Edge Mastermind team, Chillers on the Larapinta Trail, we are discussing the licensing challenges and how not to become microscopically managed pests.

Scott Stein's book is with me, I was guided to pull it out and point directly to the authorization chapter. Scott has a very simple model that explains the three main modes of authorization: Tell, Show, Ask. Everyone has a specific application and context. For example, the Tell mode is most useful in the following situations:

* Your time is tight, and the person you are talking about already knows how to do what needs to be done.

* When you have an individual or group that may be the most motivated and inspired by the story.

* When you are communicating a series of instructions that need to be followed, a disaster will occur.

This book is ideal for personal hacking [distraction and productivity, technology and email], one-to-one hacking [communication, empowerment, mentoring] and team hacking [team meetings, team mobilization] for each major part.

One of my favorite processes in this book is to think about your current activities. See what you are doing and determine where you spend your time. See how much time you spend dealing with your business, not operational activities and strategic activities. ] Map your ideal activities. Now we have a gap. Identify activities that can be delegated to others on the team so that you can be more strategic at work. Then create a transition plan.

I like this book because it is an easy to use manual – easy to read and easy to implement. highly recommended.

What I found in the books I recommended and offered to customers was that knowledge is great, but implementation is wisdom.

So this is my implementation ' hacks' you can apply for Scott's book, as well as any other books you are reading and want to use.

In the note-taking application of your choice, write down the three or five most relevant ideas/strategies in the book.

Determine which 1-3 strategies can have the most impact on your work as you master or implement them. If you have a task/meeting/dating coming soon, you can implement these new ideas and these are the best.

Choose the most useful and timely strategy.

Create a deadline date task to launch a new policy in the task management system.

Use this book to guide your actions and do it!

Schedule the process to complete the process again in 15 minutes after the two-week diary and review the strategy you implemented. Keep doing this until the new strategy becomes part of your new way of working.


Share ideas in the book with colleagues or teams and challenge them to implement one of them.

Buy a copy of a book for a friend, colleague or team member, and attach a sticky note and the reason you think is most useful.


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