Understanding Rugby Scholarships

While it might seem difficult to conceive of landing a rugby scholarship, there are a number of colleges and universities, both in America and overseas, that offer scholarships to talented players. While it might seem perfectly natural for there to be rugby scholarships in England, many people are surprised to discover that Texas A & M University also offers rugby scholarships. So do such well-known universities as Penn State University and St. Bonaventure University.

In order to gain an interview with a school's coach or an interviewing committee, most applicants must first submit an application. Many universities also request a short essay about why the applicant has chosen to pursue this type of scholarship. The essay is the right time for the applicant to emphasize a passion for rugby, as well as mentioning any other rugby-related activities that might favorably influence an acceptance. For example, if the applicant has set up a junior rugby league in elementary school grades to foster a future love of the sport in younger children, this can serve to score points with both coach and committee.

Some students will find that their athletic performance has already been viewed by either a coach or a member of a scholarship committee. Some universities will have scouts that travel around the country or who monitor local events via satellite television. For this reason, it is also a good idea for applicants to have video recordings of performance, which can be sent along with an application for a scholarship.

One of the problems with sports scholarships, however, is that many of them are not full rides. In other words, the funding will pay for a portion of the college or university enrollment, but not the entire cost. For this reason, some rugby players will attend college by combining a college-based award with a rugby-organization-based scholarship. Others will need money from parents, government loans or private loans to cover the full cost of an advanced education.

Naturally, attending a college on scholarship does not guarantee that a student will graduate and go on to become a world-famous rugby player. For that reason, most students attending on scholarships make sure they also work diligently at achieving a college education that can also provide real-world applications upon graduation. It is not uncommon for a sports scholarship student to work on getting college degrees in business, as well as within certain athletically-related areas.

Above all, these scholarship applicants must demonstrate a genuine love for the sport, as well as exhibit the finest qualities of good sportsman-like behavior at all times. Rugby is a sport with a long and distinctive tradition, and those who play it are held to the high standards of teammates, coaches and schools.

Author is a freelance copywriter. For more information about sports scholarships, please visit http://www.collegeanswer.com/.
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