Two Bridges Six Provinces Charity Cycle Run 2017

Two Bridges Six Provinces Charity Cycle Run 2017
Organised by the Freemasons of Edinburgh to raise much-needed funds for our nominated charity Motor Neurone Disease Scotland, you don’t need to be a mason to participate! You don’t need to be a veteran cyclist either – as there are three set-off times for varying abilities. It’s a great starter if you’ve never taken part in a charity cycle run before, and a well-organised run if you have. Anyone between 12 and 17yrs must bring a participating adult. You can use any bike you like, but you’ll be much fresher at the end if you use (or borrow) a road bike. We take a circular route from South Queensferry on main roads which are quiet on Sundays, cycling along the southern edge of the Firth of Forth, through the picturesque fishing villages of Bo'ness and Grangemouth and then over the Kincardine Bridge, taking advantage of a comfort break at our feed station there before coming back along the Fife Coastal Route, and returning via the Forth Road Bridge to our finish ceremony. Closer to the run itself you’ll be able to download a .GPX or .TCX file of the route, but there will be direction markers where needed on the road for those who don’t have bike computers, and we also have motorbike road marshals and a couple of support vehicles for your peace of mind. Unlike some “charity” events, there is no entry fee – all we ask is that you raise as much as you can for Motor Neurone Disease Scotland. We don’t get involved in the money side of things, your contributions go direct to the charity via MyDonate, which enables them to add 25% tax to your total! OFFICIAL STUFF – All entrants need to opt for one of two disclaimers which must be answered on the entry form, but which won't fit there – so the small print is below . . . DISCLAIMER I declare that I will not participate in the ride unless I am medically fit on the day of the ride, that I will wear a correctly fitting cycle helmet conforming to at least BSEN1078, that I will ride in a manner which is safe to myself and others, and that in any event I will take part at my own risk. I accept that the organisers, sponsors, and supporting charity will not be liable for any loss, damage, action, claim, costs, or expenses which may arise in consequence of my participation in the event. I hereby give the organisers, sponsors, and supporting charity my permission to use my name and photographic likeness for promotional purposes for the organisers, sponsors and supporting charity. I confirm that I am happy to have my contact details made available to Motor Neurone Disease Scotland – this is to comply with Data Protection issues, and to assist Motor Neurone Disease Scotland in claiming Gift Aid. DISCLAIMER OPTION A I declare that I will be aged between 12 years or over, and 17 years or under, on the day of the event. I undertake not to collect funds in aid of Prostate Scotland, but if participating to be accompanied by an adult who will be responsible for me and to add their name (and relationship to me) after mine in the Your Name box. DISCLAIMER OPTION B I declare that I will be aged 18 years or over on the day of the event. I undertake not to collect funds in the street in aid of Prostate Scotland without obtaining a local authority licence. Any reference that I make to Motor Neurone Disease Scotland will ensure that I state that I am raising funds in aid of Motor Neurone Disease Scotland. If accompanying anyone aged under 18 years, I agree to take full responsibility for their actions, to add their name (and relationship to me) after mine in the Your Name box, and to complete a Parental Consent Form on their behalf which will be sent to me. And finally – stuff you should know before completing your registration form . . . ABILITY:- It's not a race, we aim to come in as a group at the end, and there's a staggered start for a reason. If you set off in a slower group than you should, belt away past everybody and get to the final rendezvous point ages before anyone else, you'll be mumping about having to stand around, waiting for others to catch up :o) You're better to set off half an hour after any participants who won't be hurtling along, rather than waiting for them to catch up later. On the other hand, don't over-estimate your ability and set off with a group you'll struggle to keep up with – you'll answer for it later! YOUR BIKE:- This run is held on fairly decent main roads, and a "road" bike will definitely be the best to use. If you want to use a hybrid, or mountain bike, that's no problem – but if you can fit slick tyres instead of knobblies, or even borrow a road bike, you'll be much fresher at the end. – See more at:

at Scotmid Car Park
55 The Loan
South Queensferry, United Kingdom

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