Troubled Kids Benefit From Skateboarding

Many kids in our society are labeled as troubled from a very early age. There are many labels out there including ADD and ADHD that can be attached to them by doctors, parents, and our teachers. Then they end up taking daily medications which often have some serious side effects to them.

Various forms of physical activity, including skateboarding, can help these children to benefit in a variety of ways. What is now known is that for many of them their brains aren’t developed the same way as other children. They may be much more advanced. So when you are talking about an 8 year old boy, he may have the brain development of a 12 or 15 year old.

As a result, he may act out in a variety of ways because of those differences. In his mind he simply doesn’t know how to comprehend things at that advanced level due to the logic of a younger child. Plenty of additional activities though including skateboarding can help these children to feel good about themselves. Instead of having a great deal of extra energy where they can’t focus in class or sit still they can put that energy into this sport.

They can develop additional skills along the way that will carry over into the classroom for them as well as at home. These skills include patience, trying something over and over until they get it right, concentration, balance, and being in control over the movements of their bodies.

More experts are starting to look at other ways to help troubled children besides giving them medications. That is a temporary solution because they have to continue taking the medication every single day in order to get the benefits. With skateboarding and other types of physical activities though they are able to naturally train their bodies and their brains to work together.

In fact, this type of effort has been proven to be just as useful for such children as regular therapy sessions. They also get to develop a strong passion for something that they enjoy. With other forms of treatment including the medication and the therapy they may feel that they have done something wrong. They may feel ashamed about who they are and what they are going through because they simply don’t understand the underlying causes of it.

With many organizations out there promoting such care, it is hopeful that more troubled kids will benefit from skateboarding. In some areas there are grants to help pay for the boards for them as well as the right safety equipment. There are also summer camp programs that they can get a scholarship to attend. More and more of them are cropping up all the time.

If you know any child out there that may benefit from such efforts, make sure you take a close look at what is offered. Taking part in skateboarding may completely transform their lives on many levels. This is a great way for adults to get involved and to change the mentality that society has as a whole about children that are troubled and that always fit the mold of those around them.

You can also find lots of information online about such programs and the results that children have had. Reading their stories can help us to see that there is so much that we can do to make things better for them. Troubled children aren’t necessary choosing to act out or to be different. Through skating they can have an outlet that allows them to do better now as well as in their future.

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