Triathlon Wetsuits: The Best Brands in the Market

Like any other sport, engaging into triathlon also entails good techniques in the game. Endurance and speed are important factors of the competition thus, it is important to find good equipment and gear for the sport that will enhance your endurance or your speed.

Getting the best brand of wetsuits could also be a good factor in making a winning performance in triathlon. But when it comes to wetsuit brands, there are actually a lot to choose from. You can however find wetsuit brands that are making wetsuits only for the sport. Two of these are the Blue Seventy wetsuits and the Xterra wetsuits.

Ironman wetsuits, who have changed their name to Blue Seventy wetsuits, has been manufacturing wetsuits specifically for triathlon and open-water swimming. They are also the makers of the best triathlon wetsuit for the year 2009, and that is their Helix model, which combines advance technology in giving the athlete the flexibility required by the sport.

The Helix model created by Blue Seventy wetsuits features neoprene panels on the shoulder portion that is separated from the rest of the suit’s neoprene panels. This technology allows the triathlon athlete more flexibility in moving the arms as the panels won’t pull against the rest of the suit. This technology is called the TST or the Torsional Stretch Technology. The suit also has quick exit legs that are ideal in triathlon where speed is a main factor.

Another maker of triathlon wetsuits is Xterra. Based in the US, this brand has also taken advances in making the best wetsuit for triathlon use. Their latest triathlon wetsuit, Vendetta, is said to be the fastest and allows the greatest flexibility as it uses the new and high-quality Japanese Neoprene. The panels in their Vendetta wetsuit are individually cut to allow the maximum flexibility required by a triathlon athlete. This latest triathlon wetsuit is said to be the fastest as Xterra has incorporated a new technology of adding more air pockets and buoyancy panels that give the athlete greater buoyancy, and eventually speed. With these, they claimed to have the most technologically advanced wetsuit for triathlon.

The best triathlon wetsuits indeed are those that are products of extensive research and careful studies about the demands of the triathlon athlete when it comes to the perfect wetsuit for the winning performance.

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