Travel Planning

If you’re planning a trip overseas or just dreaming about it, your first stop for information might be online. The internet is a great resource where you can find the stories and experience of thousands of people who have gone there before – from amateur travel stories to professional travelers.

Magazines are another great source of travel information. Travel magazines are not just limited to a shelf at your local news stand anymore – they are also available online. Online travel magazines are a great resource as you can read access them easily, they are usually cheaper than the printed version and can be kept on your computer, saving space and not collecting dust.

Another valuable travel research tool is the humble travel blog. These are usually put together with a combination of the authors and other contributors’ travel experiences which are great to read. For example, The Indie Travel Podcast which is a combination of travel blog, online travel magazine, podcast and online forum, is put together by authors Craig and Linda Martin as well as a numerous other world travelers. Boots n All, The Intrepid traveler and a number of other travel blogs can be found on facebook as well as their unique sites.

Friends travel experiences will also be invaluable to you as they will most likely have similar interests and will know of places and things you will enjoy doing overseas. You probably have several friends who have traveled in the last few years who will be more than willing to discuss their experiences with you. They can tell you places they have enjoyed and places to avoid.

Guidebooks are still a valuable resource. Guidebooks such as lonely planet often contain maps and locations, ideas of prices and attractions to visit. They are useful whilst researching your trip but also when you are on the ground in the country you are visiting.

The Indie Travel Podcast is a travel blog, podcast and online travel magazine which also has guidebooks written by the sites authors.

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