Track Lighting Can Transform The Way Your Room Looks

While the wiring through junction box will tax past the limit your electrical skills, the track lighting kits that you can simply plug in the wall are available. For an ease of installation they cannot be beaten but they might not look as much unobtrusive and professional as the ones that are mounted through the ceiling actually.

It is a little more challenging when you are ready for the installation. For mount track lighting as well as giving the piece de resistance to the juniors, the attention that it deserves you may follow these easy steps.

Materials Needed

Tape and Electrical cable

screwdriver/ Drill

Stepstool or Ladder

Voltage meter / Neon tester

Electrician’s pliers or Long-nose

Tape measure

Toggle bolts

Wire nuts

Track light kit

1. Turn off the power.

Through the service panel or breaker box turn off the electrical power to the exact junction box. By the voltage meter or a neon tester make sure that the circuit is completely dead. When you are sure that the power is dead then take out the existing fixture and also disconnect the wires carefully, keeping the exposed ends separated from one another.

2. Wire the live end.

Into the track put the live end and by tightening the setscrew secure it. To the mounting bracket fix the live end.

3. Lay out the track location.

On the basis of the location of the existing junction box and the areas where you want the lights to bring focus decide the track location. For the angles or Ts you may buy the fittings but make sure that the fittings that you need are given by your selected track light system manufacturer.

4. Mount the track. In the junction box place the circuit and the fixture wires and on the box install the mounting plate. By following the instructions given for your particular track lighting system snap the track in place on the junction box.

Through the new track mounting put the screws/toggle belts and to the ceiling lift the track. (If the track is unwieldy or very heavy then beforehand recruit helpers.) Insert the toggle wings in the mounting holes but without tightening it. Fix any fittings angles or Ts as well as extra desired track sections and at the end of the completion of the track insert the end pieces.

In the track insert the electrical adapter and twist it for attaching. Over the adapter and the mounting plate assembly install the cover. Into the track place the fixtures and to secure twist it.

For the house wiring make connections. Onto the matching colored house twist the wire connectors and pigtail wires for jointly locking them. With the screws given secure mounting plate on the ceiling box.

Put the finishing touches and turn on the power back and also test.

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