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  1. Ganesh Umale Ganesh Umale

    Nicely described everything, Thanks Christine. Hope your next tour would be more wonderful. India is big country so might get problems while travelling in India but most helpful people are here government as well as citizen's. safety tips always to follow allover the world cause good & bad people are everywhere.

  2. Speakitright Speakitright

    Hope Indian government is taking note of these points and help better improve things for tourists. At the end of the day tourism helps economy .

  3. Chamandeep KAUR Chamandeep KAUR

    lol she said punjwood. I am dying!!!!! Its the the punjabi cinema industry

  4. Kumar Ramanand Kumar Ramanand

    Hello Christine, excellent tips that you put together.. going to be very helpful for new travellers I hope.. I would like to suggest couple of things that could help travellers.. there is a new chain of budget hostels/motels called OYO rooms like Airbnb which is quite popular and trusted these days and has preety descent rooms and services in many indian cities. 4g lte mobile network is almost every where at much cheaper price from this year (less than 10 dollars for 20 GB internet), travellers can avail indian sim and get good speed 2-20 Mbps or even more in most of the part of country. currently Jio and Airtel are 2 leading network provider for lte 4g network.
    hope this help to anyone who is planning to visit India.

  5. Sandeep Nagarkoti Sandeep Nagarkoti

    In India male to female ratio is dominant on male side so there are more males (top it off with such massive population) … and because of lack of education and unemployment many men roam around to commit voluntary crimes ….not just rape but i am accounting for even a small case of touching or molestation, burglary and murders (sometimes both)… so you see it would be prudent for a foreigner to consult an Indian friend who has lived for quite some time in India before coming to travel here…
    but remember even after taking all the precautions sometimes you just can't avoid the misfortune for being in the wrong place at a wrong time… no offence

  6. Julia Manalo Julia Manalo

    thanks! really lovin to travel to india despite of all those "DISCOURAGING advices" from my friends– it safe to travel for a woman alone..and do u travel alone to india?!

  7. J. R. Adams J. R. Adams

    India is a great country! We went there with our 2 year old daughter and had an amazing time.

  8. BetterThanEver BetterThanEver

    I suggest everybody first class train compartment if possible also sleeper. You will get much better company and meet better people. Prefer Express trains like Shatabdi Express.

  9. BetterThanEver BetterThanEver

    Travel in 3rd class train? Are You stupid ? Because You can talk very fast doesn't mean everything is best or true what You suggest .

  10. Wan Hizri Wan Hizri

    love this

  11. Nawang Sherpa Nawang Sherpa

    STD shops are really hard to find even if its a big city like Delhi or mumbai.Plz recommend people to carry mobile phones all the time…I have been through a lot and dont recommend tourist or anyone travelling India to think of STD phone booths as a second option for communcation.


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