Too old, learning scuba diving?

2019-05-21 Sports No comment

We are always told that we should learn to exercise at a young age, when our bodies are more resistant to the bruises and bumps that may be affected when we learn new sports. This is correct to some extent.

Take my experience in learning sails as an example. I learned the sport when I was 26 years old. If I am studying this sport at the age of 42, I probably won't go too far and may give up after 1 or 2 attempts. Learning wind surfing is like fighting all forces at the same time! We are talking about trying to balance the choppy waves on a slippery wet plate while manipulating a sail that is heavier than the correct direction you want to go. In the process, I contributed from the cutting the barnacles and bruises that hit the surfboard more than once before the blood and body fell into the water.

But scuba diving is very different. You will never learn to dive. I can never say that. I am learning scuba diving…

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