Too fat to dive? Scuba diving safety and diving equipment problems for overweight or obese divers

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Is it safe for overweight or obese people to go scuba diving?

Are you a little chunky? Maybe you have become a bit hoar after your last dive. Maybe you are just overweight or even fat on the verge of serious obesity. Regardless of your current perimeter, you are asking yourself "Is it too fat?"

So how fat is fat? from

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 In scuba diving? Should you worry about your own safety?

Scuba diving is an activity that almost everyone can enjoy. With proper supervision, young children can learn to dive, and most people in good health will be able to continue diving to the upper grades, and scuba diving has no age requirements.

There is no weight requirement for scuba diving. Having said that, simply because there is no weight requirement or a specific overweight limit does not mean that weight is not a factor. If you want to safely dive as a heavyweight diver, there are a few things to consider.

physical fitness


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