Tongue hanging horse – cause and treatment

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Tongue shape

Rubesca is free to me, an 18-year-old small chestnut purebred horse with many bad habits, one of which is hanging from the tongue. The huge muscles almost came out from her left side: she looked ridiculous.

Who would have thought that she would be the best horse I ever had, winning countless day activities, dressage and jumping show competitions?

In our relationship for almost a year, she began to develop a habit of coveting, which made me wonder why the horse hangs the tongue and my treatment is appropriate. Is Rubesca very common?

Cause of tongue hanging

In her article "Helping Tongue Resistance," clinician and lecturer Dr. Jessica Jahiel pointed out that tongue strain is usually a response to pain. '

Dental problem

The causes of oral pain vary. Brenda Imus of Brenda Imus Gaited Horse Services recommends checking and floating the teeth because it is possible to cut the teeth into the horse's tongue when inserting the teeth. The animal hangs it to avoid pain.


Both experts pointed out that the horse's tongue is very thick. This position has little or no space, a device that causes him to drool. He must be able to swallow that saliva comfortably. If the drill is too big, too stiff or the nose is too narrow, he needs to let the tongue disengage for swallowing.

Ma ' mouth is not the same, but Dr. Jahiel suggested finding "the thinnest, smoothest point that is most comfortable for your horse."

My own experience supports this. In the early days, I turned Rubesca's thick joints into a thinner, smoother Happy Mouth. I use this soft rubber drill bit, although she is clearly strong in every country. Because she didn't hurt her, she listened. I think it helps her forget to lick her tongue.

I rode her son in a rather thin French link, Dr. Jahiel recommended for thick tongues and low-lying horses. He is happy with this rather than coveting.

Rider's hand

Once the teeth have been inspected and the correct drill bit inserted, our rider must be careful. The dressage referee hangs the tongue as "resistance." Because it is often a reaction to the rider.

It is important not to use the horse's mouth to maintain balance. It helps to imagine how we would feel if someone rested on the axis inserted in our own mouth.

Dr. Jahiel emphasized the importance of maintaining uniform contact with the two reins: sometimes the tongue is lazy and is a reaction to excessive pressure on one side of the mouth.


Brenda Imus used stress and boredom as a reason to hang his tongue on the horse and suggested changing their work in areas where space is stretched and moved. For this, I will try to get the horse out with my friendly companions and reduce his free time at the booth.

Ms. Eames also said that this habit may be “rooted, even after all the stress factors have been removed, the horse needs to hold the tongue in place until he gets used to it.”

This is a point that I can't share.

Do not be obsess

I sing Lubeska every day with TLC, and then riding her does not seem strange. Her workload varies, and she rides several times a week.

I am not obsessed with her tongue hanging [or head swing, bite, etc.] and focus on riding her as sensitively as possible, always touching or even stressing. I accepted it slowly.

Over time, I noticed that her tongue stayed in her mouth for a long time. As Dr. Jahiel said, this problem will not disappear overnight. But it does disappear. I have removed everything that might cause my mother to suffer, stress or boredom and no longer worry about her tongue.

I talked to trainers who tried to stop the horse from hanging out in various ways. After solving possible physical problems, they found that artificially suppressing the horse's tongue would exacerbate the problem.

These horses and women use the same simple method that I stumbled upon: keeping the horse happy and ignoring his habits, it will disappear.

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