Tips For Downhill Skiing

Downhill skiing is a great way to take advantage of being outside during the cold months of winter, and often people assume they can just “get the hang of things” by simple and trial and error going down the slopes. To avoid injury and get the most out of your time outside, there are some easy tips to follow. Even those who feel pretty confident about their downhill skiing skills can still learn a thing or two about the sport!

The best tip for those interested in downhill skiing is to take a lesson before hitting the slopes solo. Yes, it is possible to learn how to ski simply by trial and error, but everyone can benefit from a refresher course. Beginners should take a lesson to learn how to properly stop, and those more familiar with the sport can take a lesson and learn a new skill like skiing bumps.

If you aren’t in shape before the skiing season starts, you’ll experience a lot of muscle pain and soreness, and run the risk of injury. To avoid being sidelined early in the season, it’s best to strengthen very specific muscle groups during the months leading up to winter. Focusing on the quads and working on balance with lunges and squats will make the morning after your first day on the slopes much less painful.

Be sure you’re dressed for the weather when you head out skiing. Base layers are key to holding in warmth on a cool day and toe heaters worn in boots can keep your feet from becoming uncomfortably cold. Goggles and a warm hat should be worn, as well as gloves that allow for maximum dexterity while still keeping the hands warm.

Be sure you carefully read the map before hitting a new course for the first time. Even the most seasoned skier can be ill-prepared for unexpected bumps and terrain on a route they’re assuming is much easier to navigate. Along with that, beginners should always make sure they’re not skiing slopes meant for more advanced users. This can be dangerous for everyone involved.

Avid skiers often feel the urge to just head out to the slopes for the day alone, but this can be a dangerous idea. Injury can leave you on a hill for awhile, and if no one knows where you’re at (and you don’t have a phone handy or access to cell service), you could suffer from hypothermia. Besides that, skiing in a group can challenge you. You can learn tricks or try slopes you hadn’t know about previously, and since skiing is a great social activity, it’s more fun when done with a group of friends. Skiing lends itself to a fun time at the lodge after a long day on the slopes, and this is more fun when you’re not headed to the lodge alone!

Downhill skiing is a great winter activity but should be done cautiously. Follow these tips and have a safe time on the slopes!

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