Tips For Choosing The Best Hockey Equipment

Hockey is a dangerous sport so it’s a good idea to avoid cutting corners when buying hockey equipment. When you have the right equipment, you can focus on playing your best and know that your body is well protected from flying pucks, falls on the ice and collisions with other players. It’s also important that you find skates and sticks that are properly sized for your body and the position you play. Use these tips when buying hockey equipment so that you get the best equipment to meet your needs.

The most important hockey equipment you’ll every buy are your hockey skates. When it comes to basketball or track, your shoes are vital because they help you get from one point to the next; the same logic holds true with hockey and skates. In general, it’s a good idea to size skates one and one half sizes smaller than your shoes. Comfort is important but you’ll need the chance to break in the skates before you get concerned about that. In other words, avoid wearing new skates for a game until you’ve worn them for quite a few practice sessions.

Another important consideration when it comes to hockey is leg protection. Skipping out on shin guards can leave your legs littered with bruises and worse. These have to fit properly, and you also want to have a pair of hockey socks that fit over them. You can use hockey tape to keep them secured. You’ll also want to invest in a garter belt to hold the socks in place. Many of the modern hockey shorts come equipped with a garter for more efficient use of equipment. It is often necessary for players who play on teams to wear specific colors when it comes to hockey socks.

To prevent head injuries, helmets are crucial pieces of protective equipment for the sport of hockey. Dangers lurk in the form of pucks that fly at alarming speeds, players with eyes on the puck and not each other, wayward sticks, skates, collisions, and refs; helmets add one layer of protection for your head that is greatly needed. You should get a helmet that’s been certified by the HECC (Hockey Equipment Certification Council). In order to provide you with adequate protection, the helmet has to fit well. You should have your helmet on any time you’re wearing hockey skates for the most ideal protection.

It’s important to get the best hockey equipment available – even if you have to shop around. While price is always a factor, you don’t want to skimp when it comes to getting gear that’s durable and able to protect you and bring out your best game. We’ve looked at some factors you should keep in mind when buying hockey equipment. The more experienced you are, the more easy it will be for you to choose gear that fits just right and does what you want it to do.

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