Tiger Woods’ Beautiful Golf Shots 2016 Hero World Challenge PGA Tournament

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  1. alexander valenzuela rodriguez alexander valenzuela rodriguez

    tigger its crack negga!

  2. muhammad reza muhammad reza


  3. Ace1King1 Ace1King1

    I used to think he would beat Nicholson's 18 majors, but no longer.


    Great video! Thanks for sharing.

  5. McCord Grice McCord Grice


  6. John Fowler John Fowler

    unfortunately when you dance with the devil he will get you. It is sad that his legacy will be tarnished. He was a man on a mission. Then fell short and it is what happens in life sometimes. No one thought it would happen to him. I miss his old swing and when he switched coaches his game slowly started to suffer. I really thought he would take over but that will not happen now. He will not win another major. He is done. I hate to say it but it is true. Enjoy what we saw and move on. He is still one of the best, but not thee best.

  7. azapro911 azapro911

    Frustrating thing for Tiger is that amid all the horrors, the magic is still in there.

  8. Loyaaal M8 Loyaaal M8

    As a professional danish golfing youngster, i have always looked up to this legend.

  9. FMDanWolves FMDanWolves


  10. Nate725 Nate725

    lots of shabo's in there

  11. nosoupforyou nosoupforyou

    I bet if you had a shot counter for each pro player counting every shot they've ever hit in their entire lives including putts, Tiger would lead that field by at least like 10,000.

  12. Amore M Amore M

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  13. MrElculver2424 MrElculver2424

    It's a shame that his back is damaged so bad because Tiger never lost the focus, never lost the confidence, never lost the determination. It may have faded for a bit for a few years, but it wasn't lost…he has the ability to bring it all back. If it was his mind against the minds of all the other golfers, he would still dominate. But unfortunately, when your back is screwed up, it doesn't matter how good your mind is…if you can't hit balls, you can't practice, and you can't win. It's tragic to see this happening…

  14. Kenna Nichols Kenna Nichols

    1:10 “come on Tiga” 😂

  15. Daniel Barwatt Daniel Barwatt

    I love Tiger but people need to pump the breaks for a second saying hes back hes gonna win this that etc. This is ONE tournament and yes he played well but he hasnt played consistently like this since 2013. We still have yet to see if he can do that. Also given his chronic back injuries and other injures hes bound to get hurt again at some point. However, if he can stay healthy and play like this i can see him winning multiple times in the near future. Majors? Not sure about that.

  16. John Stanton John Stanton

    I hope this is a chance to see the tiger of old that the world new and loved!!! Keep it up tiger

  17. Jeffrey Lebowski Jeffrey Lebowski

    It feels like Tiger Woods being the best golfer in the world for my entire life

  18. 太郎向こう岸の 太郎向こう岸の


  19. Fat American Fat American

    He kind of has a Matt Kuchar finish through


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