The world's five largest tea rooms

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“Do you want a cup of tea?” is a question that has been asked millions of times. People who like their tea may think about where the best five tea rooms in the world are.

1. Fortnum & Mason Tea Room

To enjoy a cup of tea in the most sought after places, you must travel to London, England and visit the Fortnum & Mason Tea Room. Fortnum & Mason has been involved in the tea business for over 300 years and has stored more than 100 tea blends. The hotel’s soft cream, grey and turquoise tones create a low-key, elegant atmosphere.

2. Huxinting Teahouse

The Huxinting teahouse in Shanghai, China is even more gorgeous. The Huxinting Tea House is hidden in the Yu Garden and has been used by cotton merchants since the 18th century. In 1855, it became a tea house and became a thousand tea lovers, including the Queen of England.

3. Peninsula Hotel Lobby

To visit the world's third best tea room, you can stay in China, but you must jump to Hong Kong, the lobby, and the Peninsula Hotel. The Lobby is considered to be one of the most elegant meeting venues in Hong Kong and has earned itself a place since it opened in 1928. When you sip tea and peck from the rich dessert menu, you can look up and be at your side. The lobby is known for its gold-plated stucco and impressive pillars, restored by European artisans.

4. Kilmoka Country Estate

The Georgian Tea Room in Kilmooka Country Estate, Ireland is rated as the fourth largest tea house in the world. Set in a conservatory of 18th-century houses, the hotel offers views of the River Barrow and the 7-acre walled garden, which continues to provide guests with a satisfactory service throughout the year. In addition to some of the finest teas, the Georgian Tea Room offers guests a variety of homemade cakes, tarts, scones and breads with fresh jams and jams.

5. Glasgow Willow Tea Room

No. 5 is located in the Glasgow Willow Tea Room in Glasgow, Scotland. The tea room opened in 1904 and although it has been restored over the years, tea lovers can still enjoy the old-fashioned way of drinking tea – enjoying the peace and quiet.

Although these are considered to be the best five tea rooms in the world, they do not take into account the taste. Some people like luxury, some prefer quiet and elegant, while others think their own kitchen is the best tea room in the world.

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