The thyroid gland also helps to grow taller

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We know that human growth hormone secreted by the pituitary gland is a hormone that causes height growth, but if we want to increase the height, there is another important hormone to consider. That is the hormone produced by our thyroid gland.

The thyroid gland is the largest gland in our body. It is located in the neck below the thyroid cartilage [also known as Adam's male apple]. The thyroid gland also helps to grow taller, because the thyroxine hormone produced by this gland helps regulate the body's metabolic rate and control the rate of oxidation in our body. Therefore, we need this gland to work properly to increase the maximum height. If you just notice, this is why people or children with thyroid hormone deficiency do not become taller and always have brain damage.

Unlike the pituitary gland, the thyroid gland can produce human growth hormone through many substances, and the thyroid gland only needs a chemical element to function properly, namely iodine. The thyroid gland combines tyrosine [essential amino acid] with iodine to make thyroxine. This is the hormone we need to get higher. We need about 70 to 150 micrograms of dietary intake of iodine. Insufficient iodine intake can lead to goiter or goiter. However, excessive iodine can also cause goiter, and may hinder growth through the body.

The source of iodine-rich food is any type of seafood, especially seaweed. Other sources are asparagus, garlic, kelp, lima beans, mushrooms, and spinach. The best and most common source of iodine is the iodide salt.

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