The Thrill of Line Dancing

Line dancing has been around for decades, and you will see it done to some popular songs. It seems that there are quite a few that have taken on a life of their own. For example Tulsa Time by Don Williams and who can forget Achy Breaky Heart by Billy Ray Cyrus. The thrill of line dancing comes from the fact that you don’t need a partner to do it. You can just get out there on the dance floor and be part of the group.

For many people it is a way to loosen up and to enjoy the evening. If you are nervous about asking someone to dance or you have been waiting to be asked, this gets you out there with nothing stopping on. Line dancing is a great way to take part in the fun instead of just sitting there. Perhaps you love to dance but you don’t really want to do it with someone that you don’t know so line dancing allows you have fun on your own.

With line dancing though you have a series of moves that have to be repeated throughout the song. It is important that you practice them before you get out there on the dance floor. If it has been a while since you have done them, watch for the first bit of the song and then jump in. You need to be moving the right ways when everyone else is or you can create chaos out there. You can also end up being stepped on or get an elbow in the face!

Now, that isn’t mentioned to deter you from doing it though. Just a warning that you need to learn those simple steps before you get out there on the dance floor. Many clubs even offer line dancing lessons in the hour or two before they open up for business at night. Most of the time they are free so you should take advantage of them. You can also sign up for a local dance class. The best part is you don’t have to con someone to go as your partner.

Line dancing can also be learned at home, watching a video. Just move your coffee table out of the way so you can move in all four directions freely. In fact, while you are having fun learning you will also be getting a great workout. You want to be able to last the entire song without getting out of breath so if you aren’t in the best shape right now this is a great way for you to change that.

Many people find that line dancing reminds them of earlier times in their life too. They seem to be timeless so they haven’t gone away. When a person is out there dancing to one, they may feel years younger than they have in a long time. Watch people line dancing and you are sure to notice plenty of smiles while they do it. These people are obviously having a great time! You can be a part of that next time too instead of just watching them from the side.

Both men and women enjoy line dancing so it is something that everyone can take part in. This is also a great way to meet other people out there on the dance floor. It can help to break the ice too so that you will be able to dance with them later on in the night. If you haven’t thought about line dancing then perhaps now you will take an interest in it.

There really aren’t more than four or five steps to learn with one particular song either. Those same steps repeat themselves over and over again. If you are unconfident about your dancing this is a great place to start because your moves will be exactly like those of everyone else out there.

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