The Rugby World Cup is this year!

Comparable to other world cups, the World Cup of Rugby appears every 4 years. Regardless of whether there are a variety competitions and tours in between, it still continues to be the overall report in concerning which team is the foremost on earth.

Rugby is more popular in the Southern hemisphere between South Africa, New Zealand and Australia. The Tri Nations competition is held every year between these nations and was claimed last year by the All Blacks in an overwhelming fashion. We also have the Super 14 tournament performed among these countries provincial teams. Last years final was among 2 South African teams, the Bulls and the Stormers. This offered the impression that the South African national team, the Springboks would certainly rule the Tri Nations that happens right after the Super 14. This was far from the truth and New Zealand and Australia were the shining stars as they unveiled quite a lot of new talent.

The Northern hemisphere does not lack rugby love, its only that football receives more attention there than in the south. The Six Nations tournament is held between France, England, Scotland, Ireland, Wales and Italy yearly. The final was between England and France last year. France won and are currently Northern hemisphere favorites.

This year the World Cup of Rugby is in New Zealand. Home of the current top ranked team as stated by the IRB. The All Blacks are one of the most respected teams by their opponents. Playing against them on their home ground is considered by some as the most difficult arrangement for a rugby match. With this home field advantage the All Blacks are definitely considered favorites. It should also be noted that the pressure to deliver might have the opposite effect since rugby is the biggest sport in New Zealand.

With 7 months left before the kick off to this monumental event there is still time for plenty of deciding factors to make an appearance. Plenty of unwanted injuries can appear during the Super 15, Tri Nations, Six Nations or even practice. Also past injured players will also make their way back to the field. One thing is certain though. The World Cup will remain the breeding ground for elite athletes to discover and demonstrate their talents as they honor their countries. The build up will be an experience in itself and the actual event in September of 2011 will be a great release of adoring sportsmanship, patriotic camaraderie and bench marking excitement.

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