The RAW Fireworks

The RAW Fireworks
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Daily Photo – The RAW Fireworks (and yes, that is a handheld single shot)
So, I have in my hot little hands an Advance Copy of Photomatix Pro 4.0 (BTW, the STUCKINCUSTOMS Coupon Code will still save you the most money). Wow this thing is cool! I’m in the middle of a full review/preview. This isn’t really it… just a preview of a preview. I know… how lame of me, but I am so excited that I want to leak out a few details.

Today’s fireworks photo below from Disney World a few nights ago was just processed with Photomatix 4. This is from a single RAW photo. This was a handheld shot as I was walking along a pathway near the Crystal Palace. Amazing, eh?

Well, I can’t take all the credit – so much goes to Photomatix Pro. Here are a few points for you to chew on:

There is all new Noise Reduction code in there… a fresh dialog appears when loading a RAW photo like this one.
If you already own Photomatix Pro 3 (or buy it now), the upgrade to Photomatix Pro 4.0 is FREE. (cool!)
There is a new way to control ghosting… very nice.
So far in my testing, it’s way way way faster than Photoshop CS5’s new HDR feature. But I am still testing with metrics… full results soon.

Two Weeks in Iceland!
Watch for me Live on This Iceland Webcam. I should be strolling in and out of those from time to time.

On, you can see some of my upcoming notes from the trip. I’ll be focused on the coasts with a concentration on the fjords in the northwest part of the country. We are getting close to 24 hours of daylight, so I think this will be an amazing time to go. If you have any suggestions or recommendations, feel free to let me know!

As you all know, Iceland is one of my favorite places in the world for photography. You can see the entire Iceland Photo Collection here — several pages there for you to enjoy!

Full Photomatix 4.0 Preview
I’ll be sure to post it when it is ready on the Photomatix Review page. Actually, even better than a preview, I will do a quick head-to-head with Adobe Photoshop CS5. It’s all pretty much complete… just want to get a few more metrics for you.

I would like to get it up this weekend… not sure – a lot of busy stuff lately!

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