The Northern China Adventure


  1. ur cocc is never succ ur cocc is never succ

    so is that how you got the name Churchill for like the motorbikes and stuff

  2. Igor Igor Igor Igor

    You need to put this video on the main page, it got burried into old videos

  3. lanqing zhao lanqing zhao

    I Kinda become forgotten people living in eastern part of china ….

  4. Lyle Raustadt Lyle Raustadt

    Awsome China trip on Minnesota TBD and so much watching it on local TV (free) , making my rainy , cold (snow) day. 4-27-17.  Stay Awsome!

  5. du gongsun du gongsun

    Actually your so called The Northern China Adventure should be called The Manchuria Adventure. LIAONING,JILIN,HEILONGJIANG AND EAST INNER MONGOLIA. Those ethnic koreans and Russians are children of illegal immigrants. Yanbian is a manchu word. You should visit manchu and other tungusic people during your trip here.

  6. Andrew Sturmey Andrew Sturmey

    Looks like the Kickstarter just closed, and what a great success it was. Congratulations, gentlemen.

  7. Homechushi Homechushi

    Just changed my pledge before it closes , well done boys , now go hard at it !! , just be careful around NK border!!, will be in Liaoyang in two weeks , cant wait !

  8. David Tan David Tan

    I'm getting an error: "This video isn't available due to geographical licensing restrictions" when I try to watch Conquering Southern China on Amazon Prime. Is it permanently blocked in Canada?

  9. asakuras01 asakuras01

    Where i can wach the other video:"Conquer the south of China?"
    I can't find it in youtube.

  10. Noxius Noxius

    Also glad to pitch in to this project, I love how humble your budget size is.

  11. mark butler mark butler

    Hi guys it's mark how are you 😊. I'm liking all of Ur shows very interesting. It takes me back to when I was in china. I watch them on my smart tv. STAY AWESOME.

  12. WhiterosE WhiterosE

    like the capt shepard mass effect jacket !! 😎👍

  13. Joseph Brady Joseph Brady

    Is the current political situation going to impact this trip?


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